#267 Sunday morning thoughts …

What is going on in this world? I mean, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW? What is this? A bad joke? A script for a horrible doomsday scenario? One of those movies, where people do not even dare to go to the cinema?

How can something like that have such an enormous influence on our complete system we call life? Well, I guess that is the drawback of living this modern 21th century inspired lifestyle, right?

Sure, don’t get me wrong on that, for me personally, nothing has really changed. I am used to being at home all the time, working on my goals, but that is easy to say, because I am well prepared. And sure, I am not talking about the toilet paper here. With my home gym, racing simulator and all the other things, I do not need to go outside anyways, but you might not be in that kind of a situation. You might do not have that much space, or the things you need around you.

But isn’t it time for us to learn something out of the situation? Doesn’t it give us that chance to really figure out what life is all about? For many people their lives are most of the time external driven. They go to work, meet up with friends, enjoy their time, do a lot of stuff. Sure, that is what they are working for, right? But is this really what life is all about? Suffering in order to give us something back at the end of the day?

I am not so sure about that.

The biggest question I currently have about this whole situation is by the way the following question:

Do I need to be concerned about my lifestyle?

I mean, they are all freaking out about this staying at home part. What is so bad about it? I really don’t get it! But I guess, the thing is of course that normally, they are not really in control of their life. They just live their lives, doing what they are always do without actively thinking about something else. Well, now, as it seems, the routines got intercepted rather aggressively, forcing people to actually do something they normally wouldn’t do. Really talking with their family members, sitting in one place for a longer period of time and starting to get in touch with themselves. Stopping to ignore the narrator in their heads by grounding themself and going back to the basics, so to speak.

Do you know that feeling, when you think and think and think and then suddenly everything seems to make sense? It feels like you solved the ultimate question about life and finally see the world with different eyes.

I had this moment some couple of minutes ago. I was just wondering what is going on these days, went from one thing to the other, and BAAAAAMMMMMM, I was there. In the light? Well, no, I am not planning on dying, but it all made absolutely no sense for the moment. Everything I am doing seemed to be useless, absurd and unimportant. Sure, that is of course not true, at least from my perspective, but still, I wonder how many people out there might experience something similar these days. This situation is also a chance to wake up again. To remind ourself that life is short, that life needs to be lived differently and that we can change it!

Are you on the right path?

We will never really be able to answer that question, right? Right! And with that disappointment, it is time to end todays post. Have a great day at home!

See you next time!

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