#269 Discipline – S1 E7 – Reflect on your doing

How often do we really reflect on our doing? Ask ourself what we are still not seeing, what we are still missing out on, or what we are still doing terribly wrong?

For years I always do the same mistake when driving on my racing simulator. I reduce the risk of crashing, by braking a bit too early and hold the car with the same acceleration pedal position until I can finally accelerate again. Sure, this saves my life multiple times a day, but is of course simply put a lot of time that I literally waste by doing so. I am not the worst driver in the world, obviously, but still can not really remind myself about the fact, that this is just a simulation where crashing is always an option. Finding the last 5%, that is currently my biggest challenge in racing, but not only there.

You can give me what ever topic you can come up with and I will be able to tell you what I am still not doing in the correct way, where I still do not go all in with what I have, where I can still change so much but tend to do not do that after all.

Why? Obviously, because I know myself better than everyone else. Of course, I can pretend to be someone else for others, but deep inside me, I know exactly what is going on.

Some days back in time, I had a two hours long formula student meeting. Sure, the current situation is really not the best, the events got cancelled, we can not enter our workshops and the current law prevents group meetings and stuff altogether, but still, one thing was very obvious in that meeting.

People tend to forget about reflecting on what they are doing. They basically wanted to start all over from scratch, forgetting all about reflecting the current season so far. Well, for me, this was a step that wasn’t even necessary to mention, it was just obvious that this is the first thing to do. But I guess, not many people have really considered this as being an option.

If you don’t reflect on your doing, how do you think will you improve?

By accident? Come on! That can’t be it. If you do not figure out if the stuff you are currently doing is right or wrong how can you improve? How can you move on? How can you prevent the same mistakes from happening again? You can’t, right?

But life is not supposed to be like that. Life will always give you another chance to make it better, to improve, to change the way you go through life. But if you do not reflect on what you are currently doing, you can’t possibly change anything, right? You are just walking in the desert in a circle and do not even notice that.

Take a break from what you are currently doing and start to reflect on your situation.

  • What is working good?
  • What is working not so good?
  • What are the annoying things about your life?
  • When do you feel miserable and why?
  • What is the best thing you have done in the last couple of month?
  • What was the worst event in the last time?
  • Why do you think does your situation look like this?
  • What lead you to that point in life?

And you can basically go on with that forever. But sure, reflecting on your doing is only part one of the equation. After realizing what you are still doing wrong, comes the much harder part with actually changing your behavior.

See you next time!

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