#274 20 minutes writing challenge #24 – Saturday night fever

I guess it is not the best idea in the world to pick this song in the current corona situation, but I just did it, deal with it…

As the statistic of my blog clearly shows, it seems like we are all going trough life changing times these days. Since the start of the corona crisis here in Germany three weeks ago, the number of visitors on my website decreased dramatically. There were even days, where nobody besides me was visiting the website, can you believe that?

Sure, some might think that I should be worried about that. If people do not read the things I talk about now with having a lot of time, why should they read it when they do not have that time after all? Well, to be honest, no, I am not worried in any ways. Sure, this is my most favorite side project I currently have in my life and sure, it feels kind of awesome if you can help someone else from the other side of the world with that. But with the current situation, I truly believe that your time is better invested in your family, your friends or your life in general, instead of reading what I have to say.

How often do we have the chance to take a step back from life? How often does the world stop turning for us? How often do we get reminded by something like that, that even we are just mortal human beings? How often do we get the chance to look at our current life and reflect on our doing?

Everything seems to come to a hold

Please, if you are reading this right now. Think about it! This is a great chance for your to finally start changing your life. You have waited for a sign all these years? Well, maybe you can just take the current situation as a big sign? A waking up call five minutes before twelve?

Are you happy with your current situation? Are you in peace with yourself? Are you walking on the right path towards your goals? Are you seeing the reason in doing all of what you are doing?

Does your life make any sense to you?

In our daily lives, we tend to forget about living. We are just hustling from one appointment to the other, always seeking for improvements, more profit and more collectable items. But is this really what life is all about? Is that really why we are here?

Life is supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to be great! Please, take the time you currently have. Stop reading this unimportant post, stop scrolling through your endless social media feeds. Look around! There are better things to do right now. Invest the time in your family. Spend some more time with yourself and try to reconnect. I know, this might sound strange to you, but are we really connected with ourselves? Or do we simply try to distract us whenever we are alone? How long can you do nothing besides being in the present moment with yourself?

Don’t you understand me? I said stop reading!

You can read my stuff somewhere later down the road when you are ready for it! The blog will not disappear, but your chance to start all over again might will disappear! Use the current corona situation and make the best out of it.

Reconnect with yourself and your family

Why don’t you dance a little bit? Finish the project in your garden or play with your kids? Use the time!

You never know how much time you still have.

Time is up, for you to finally use the current situation and change something in your life and for me with this 20 minutes writing challenge.

See you next time!

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