#301 Discipline – S1 E10 – A typical quarantine day

With the corona virus stopping the normal life in its tracks, it might be still important to follow some kind of a regular routine.

How life does look like without a routine is something we probably all know from the old days when we were younger.

Finally the summer holidays have started! We got a lot of free time, went with our parents to a destination somewhere in the south and tried to enjoy our life as good as possible. But well, as always in life, the moment you really enjoy something, time is just flying by. Therefore, the holidays were always way too short and felt more like two weeks instead of six. Or at least, that was the case for me all the time. One day blended perfectly into the other. I lost the sense of time, I did not know which weekday it was, I was just living from one moment to the other.

Sure, I did not really had any goals back at that time, so fooling around was actually quite an option, but that might look a little bit different these days, right?

Even though I might be at home all the time, spending more than three month here at my place already, I am still studying full time, having lectures, formula student meetings, work on my blog posts and university projects and also have a privat life as you might expect, with a lot of sport and racing.

How powerful a daily routine can be, was already the topic of a lot of different blogposts here on my blog, but I guess, you can never repeat it often enough!

If you do not figure out your own little schedule, I guess you will end up drowning underneath the influences that come your way these days. From social media feeds, to movie streaming services. You can basically waste a lot of time if you want to.

But doing the exact opposite and creating the perfect schedule for your quarantine days doesn’t sound to be the right option, either. You can’t really plan a lot of stuff ahead. I mean, sure you can, but in the end you will feel miserable for not even doing half of the things you originally wanted to do on this day.

Therefore, I guess a kind of a mixture is the key to success. Why don’t you pick up to three different activities that you will plan ahead by the use of a schedule and implement the others more spontaneously depending on the situation ahead?

I for example have a daily 10 am call with a friend from Italy where I do sport at the same time during the workweek, fixed lectures and formula student meetings on certain days, plus my daily blog I write in the morning directly after getting up. These are the fixed items. They start at a certain time, end at a certain time and I will just do them because of that. Well, with the other things in my life, I don’t plan this as strictly as others might think. I just plan one day ahead and ask myself what I want to do on the other day. Well, and then simply implement them into my next day in the way I feel like.

A normal quarantine day

  • Getting up
  • Blog and breakfast until 10 am.
  • 10 am call with Italy 🇮🇹
  • Sport, eating, cycling, swimming, projects for university
  • 4 pm Lectures and meetings until 8 pm
  • 8 pm, working on my projects, doing sport, swimming
  • 9 pm, conversations with friends on the phone or just chatting

Sure, I might not have the average amount of tasks and things to do on a regular basis because I am “quite busy“, as you can see in the category the road to success, but still, this is at least from my point of view the perfect alternative. You plan your days ahead, but then not really strictly. It’s the combination that is making this so attractive.


Just do the very same thing and figure out if you can be even more productive in your corona days or not.


  • If you don’t plan your days ahead, you have already lost!
  • Plan one day ahead, not ten weeks!
  • Have combination of fixed dates and elements you can implement spontaneously!
  • Don’t go too much into the details!
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

And that’s it for today. If you are already doing something like this, please let me know what makes it so perfect for you. If you haven’t done something like this before, think about giving this a try!

See you next time!

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