#339 – Fascination PORSCHE – S1 E2 – First drive

Can someone forget about his or her first drive in a PORSCHE? Definitely not! This might be a special moment in someones life, if not one of the most important ones.

Someone might get out of the car
a different person.

Wait a minute! What? It is just a car, man! Come down! It is just a machine. An object that is supposed to bring you from point A to point B and back! What is wrong with you?

Driving a Porsche for the first time in the age of 18, my life was a different one afterwards. Sure, I was already quite fascinated by the Porsche world, but without the experience of actually driving one, well, you have no clue if this is really something for you or not.

Now I was sure that this is something for me!

You walk up to the car and look at the silhouette as the light gets distracted by the shiny paint job. GT silver, what a color. The moment you open the door, the smell of leather invites you to have a seat. With a smile on your face you take a seat in the space ship’s command centre and enjoy. What an interior, what a design. As you insert the key on the left side and turn it to the right, the 4.8l V8 engine springs into life with a scream.

Now you are fully awake. The world around you? Not important anymore. There is just you and the car. The PORSCHE and the road in front of you. You leave the garage and start to drive.

Driving a PORSCHE on public roads. Not a big deal after all. It may just drive like any other car. Sure, you may watch your speed very carefully, because you really have no sense for speed in those cars, but if that is your only problem, I guess you can live with that.

The Panamera, born for traveling.

That this car wasn’t made for the track should be clear to everyone. But is it still a Porsche?

The moment you enter the Autobahn, you will notice for what purpose this car has been developed. It’s one of the best traveling experiences I ever had. The ride is neither too hard nor too soft. You chose whatever kind of speed you want and simply enjoy.

Corners? There are no corners. Traffic? People love to make space for you. The left lane belongs to you. Stress? There is no stress. You are just driving to your destination.

The road presence, yes, it is there. The wide body, the aggressive lights. People don’t want to mess around with you. Sure, there are always some guys out there that want to challenge you. But honestly, you don’t care. This is not a race car, this is just a family car.

Is it a hard thing to drive the car? I mean, sure, it was a manual one, so you better do not skip your next leg day in preparation. For my taste, the clutch was a little bit too hard. But honestly, this is a sports car! It’s supposed to be like that! Does it feels exhausting to drive around in the car? Not after all. When driving you do not even notice the dimensions of the car. Sure, that changes the moment you are looking for a parking space. But this car is not made to stand around, is it?


The car seems to be practical after all. Four seats, lots of space. What do you want more if you have a small family? Sure, there is not really much space in the back. But come one, for a weekend trip, it’s more than enough!

From that day on, it was clear that I would get a Porsche. The only questions that were left?

When and which car?

See you next time!

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