#351 Project W (Double you) – S3 E4 – Every day is another chance

Yesterday, this blog celebrated post number 350 in a row. For the last 350 days I was working on this project every single day.

During that time I have written exceptionally good, but also exceptionally bad posts. But does it matter how good todays post really is?

Assuming that you know exactly what you want this time around, I hope you can already see the top of the mountain somewhere in the distance. But how do you get there?

Step by step. Day by day.

Everything is just that, a process. A process that consists out of many single steps. Steps that want to be taken. Steps that will help you in order to move forward.

But do you really look at your life like this? Do you get up in the morning and try your best every single day? Or do you get up and do whatever comes your way?

Every single day might be another chance for you to move on. But if you do not take the chance, well, it will stay an unused opportunity. An opportunity someone else might take instead of you.

The difference between who you are today and the person you want to become in the future is just that, the continues focus of your energy on something special in order to become exceptionally good at that.

What makes a formula one driver so much quicker than you are? What makes a lawyer look so much better in court than you do?

Make it a habit to use every single day of your life in order to move on! You never know how many days you have still left. Success? It becomes just a matter of time!

Step by step. Day by day.

I do not even know how often someone should repeat this statement. I guess some couple hundred times should be enough.

It seems so easy, but not many people are actually doing it. Time is a valuable thing, but you already know that. But time is also an opportunity. A chance to move on, to forget about your past, to improve, to change. Every single day you get up is another chance for you to move on! You wake up and here it is! The weather doesn’t look so good today? Perfect, you wanted to start pushing through anyways!

Go hard or go home!

Imagine the life you want to have? What makes you think that you will get there? Reaching your goals and enjoy life at its best? Are you to 100% convinced about your own abilities?

Everything is just a process. Circumstances change, requirements change, situations change. The dream you might have today, not that important to your future self. Can you do something against that? I don’t think so! But the thing you can influence is how you are going to react. The way you deal with the situations that are coming your way.

Acting instead of reacting.

This is what you need to do! Don’t you ever stop moving forward. If you only react to what is going on around you, well, you will always be at least one step behind.

Don’t wait until it is too late! Use today and finally get going!

See you next time!

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