#358 An illusion by itself

What would you say, if life is nothing less or more than an illusion by itself? What if life is just a video game and your character is controlled by someone else? Does this mysterious player keep up the motivation for reaching your goals? Or does he stop playing somewhere a long the path?

In life, we can never be certain if our behavior might be something good or something bad in nature. If it is the right thing to do or not. Money, fame and even more money? You are working on your reputation, you are doing things you don’t even like doing.

In fact, even your complete life may consists out of things you do not primarily enjoy! You are doing what you do, not because you want to do that, but because you are used to do it.

Your environment taught you how to live.

You have a regular nine to five job, marry your partner, build a house and spend most of your money on unimportant things you do not even need.

You have more than ten million insurance contracts, put money aside for your retirement and suffer through the days until you will be finally free somewhere after being 65 years of age.

You watch TV, you watch movies, you read funny books. You relax, you prevent suffering, you have a healthy nutrition. You are always kind to your neighbors and try to please the people around you.

But what if that all makes absolutely no sense? What if you die tomorrow? Would you look the death in the eyes and tell him that you lived a life worth living? Or will you cry for another year, to at least a single day to enjoy life on earth a little bit more?

In this ever changing environment we are all living in, people seem to stop moving forward at a certain point in their lives. They just don’t want to suffer anymore. They want a save job, easy money and free time for themself.

Is your life worth living? Do you use your life for a higher purpose? Or do you do the same nonsense all the others are doing?

We might never know what is right and what is wrong in this life. But if it feels strange to you, why don’t you change it? Why don’t you stop blaming others for your misery and start changing your life on your own?

I am sure that you had a lot of goals once you were younger. But what has happened to them? Where have they gone?

It is time for you to wake up! If you do not change today, well, you will lose another day in paradise.

See you next time!

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