#379 20 minutes writing challenge #34 – Questions?

Calling my name, Kybba, Beach boii & PHE

Can I write a blog post that includes only questions?

Are you walking on the right path through life? Is there a right path through life? Does your life make any sense?

How often do we question everything that is going on in our lives? How often do we reflect on our progress? How often do we ask others for advise?

Listening to experienced people? Reading about their life stories? Does that make any sense? Can we integrate their advice into our own unique lives?

Can you feel the enthusiasm some people transport in their voice? Do you enjoy listening to podcasts as much as I do? Or do you prefer reading? The big old heavy books or the smaller and more modern ones? How much time do you spend with things like this? Enough?

Or maybe you are more on the TV side of life? Watching documentaries and stuff online? Isn’t it great how much stuff you can find in the internet about basically everything?

Isn’t the World Wide Web awesome? Will it end some day? Will there be a need to actually know stuff again in the future? You know how the future looks like? Can you tell?

Why is this world so strange? Why are people so different? Why are some totally good in nature and others not? Is this thing just an illusion by itself?

Who has invented this life we live? Does a god exist? Or are we just a part of a big experiment? Can we find answers to all these questions?

Who knows?

See you next time?

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