#386 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E9 – How to perform every single day

The moment you have a look at my weekly statistic which you can check out here, you will notice that I do quite a lot, at least compared to the time I have. Blasting out a 60 hours work week, sure, everyone can do this for a couple of weeks.

But that is not really the point. The question is, why can I keep this high level of doing so much in such a long period of time without the need to recover?

The simple answer? It is of course possible, because that has become my pace.

But what does the word pace even mean? Imagine you are running 5km sometimes in 20 minutes, sometimes in 30 minutes, but in average in around 25 minutes. Well, then this is your pace. Your pace is 5 min/km.

Of course I did not wake up one day and simply performed all the time. In fact, I was the complete opposite of that. In my youth I spend 4-5 hours a day in front of the TV in the evenings, obviously wasting a lot of time. Can you believe it?

But then things changed. I have grown up (kind of, still feeling like a little child), I had to study, to learn, to work, to do sport and all the other things that usually come our way in life.

But pretty soon I realized, that I am different.

Where others would do one thing a day and relax after it, I would jump from one thing to the other until everything is done. I would constantly change between two exercises while doing sport in order to avoid wasting time through having a break. I would try to do more things at the same time, sitting on the bike and listening to a podcast for example. Or learning a language while driving on my racing simulator.

And what was the consequence of that? Right! I did more and more and more. Like a muscle that is getting used to hard work, my body adapted itself as well.

Do I have endless motivation? Actually I have! Not because the universe loves me, but instead because I have figured out how to motivate myself. A lack of motivation? This doesn’t even exist in my dictionary.

But the funny thing about this, I am convinced that this is not something unique. This is not just me and my god given superpower. This is something I taught myself. This is something I acquired over time. Step by step, day by day.

But the question is of course, how can I teach you the same? How can I show you how to do it? Sure, in a personal interaction, this might not be a problem. I can check on your lifestyle, the things you are doing and the way you are doing it. But with this blog kind of interaction, this can hardly be the solution.

What I need is something more universal. Something that can be adopted by everyone.

  1. You need to know what you want!
  2. You need to know why you want it!
  3. You need to know how to get there!
  4. You need to know that you really want to get there no matter what.
  5. You need to start!
  6. You need to constantly reflect!
  7. You need to constantly improve!
  8. You need to check out others and find out what they are doing!
  9. You need to do more!
  10. You need to find ways how to motivate yourself all the time.
  11. You need to improve this motivation strategy!
  12. You need to be able to control your pace!
  13. You need to be able to understand the moment you are over pacing and slowing down!
  14. You need to be able to motivate yourself even for things that you do not want to do!
  15. You need to be able to motivate others!
  16. You need to be convinced that this is the right thing to do!
  17. You need to give everything you can, every single day!
  18. You need to be ready to suffer!
  19. You need to be willing to suffer!
  20. You need to suffer!
  21. You need to understand that there are no limits!
  22. You need to check, if this is still the thing you want to do!
  23. You need to get in control!
  24. You need to be able to already see the future!
  25. You need to solve problems!
  26. You need to set priorities!
  27. You need to deal with criticism!
  28. You need to be able to handle fear!
  29. You need to understand what life is all about!
  30. You need to finally do something!
  31. You need to change your mindset!
  32. You need to improve upon your routine!
  33. You need to accept, that this is your new life!
  34. You need to be convinced that this is the right thing to do!
  35. You need to follow your dreams!
  36. You need to listen to your body!
  37. You need to understand the process!
  38. You need to be able to see the process!
  39. You need to make progress!
  40. You need to do more!
  41. You need to learn from mistakes!
  42. You need to learn from others mistakes!
  43. You need to brain wash yourself!
  44. You need to stop listening to others and do what feels right to you!
  45. You need to get your life under control!
  46. You need to be able to go through hell!
  47. You need to be ready to fight!
  48. You need to be ready for your new lifestyle!
  49. You need to be grateful for what you already have!
  50. You need to care less about others and more about yourself!

One step at a time, how hard can it be?

Do you understand what I am trying to explain here? Everything is just that, a process. In the end, you are representing all the skills and all the knowledge you have acquired over time so far. Your current situation is just the outcome of what you have been doing all the time. You guided yourself to this very place.

Each and every professional athlete was not born as an athlete. They practiced, a lot! They took one step after the other. Two times a week practice, four times a week practice, six times a week practice, practicing every single day! But they do not even stop there. They live their dream! They have acquired an athletes mindset! They have accepted their faith!

If you are looking for the one thing you need to get right in order to succeed, sorry to say, but this life hack doesn’t exist! It’s the big picture that needs to be right! Everything needs to fit perfectly together!

The moment you are missing one thing, well, this can already be enough in order to make this thing a temporary defeat (to quote Napoleon Hill) and do not use the word failing. But actually, you are failing! Why shouldn’t we find a different word for that? Failing is not a problem! In fact, failing is great! It shows us our weaknesses and helps us to get stronger and better in what we are doing.

You want to have endless motivation for your life? Then finally start living the life you want to live!

It is as easy as that! Just follow the steps!

See you next time!

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