#393 Five weeks of summer

What? This is amazing! Where are you traveling to?

Well, people who already know me quite well can answer this very easily.


Every single day of my life feels like being on vacation already. There is even no need to travel somewhere else, I would just miss out on things that I have here at home. And sure, I am on a mission, don’t you remember? I have a blog to improve, a book to write, and stuff to organize!

Oh come on! Who knows, maybe this will be your last time ever, where you will have so much time off in the middle of the summer!

Sure, I understand your concerns and what you are trying to tell me, but looking at my life so far, I always had at least four weeks off in the summer since I left school in 2012 and before that even six weeks. Therefore, come on! This is my time and I will spend it in the way, I want to spend it.

Being finished with the parts at university for my master degree, only the master thesis is left on the agenda. How does it feel to be finally free from lectures and exams. Honestly, not even close to how I expected it to be. Sure, two or three years back in time, I was very much looking forward to this very moment in life. But now that I am here, I am already looking forward to the next steps I will take in the future and therefore can not really celebrate this right now. But let’s see. Maybe I need a couple more days to realize the fact, that I am done with this nonsense all together.

What will I do in these five weeks?

I definitely want to catch up with some friends, getting some rest and relax a little bit more than usual. Knowing myself very well, the relaxing part will not be as huge as someone might expect. I will move back to my parents house completely and therefore need to get all my stuff from the university dorm. I will do a new project I call “The perfect week”. Well, it is just a concept at this point, but I am planning on doing a kind of a triathlon thing for five days in a row with the disciplines cycling, racing simulator driving and swimming. But I guess, I will talk about this at another time.

Besides that, there is of course my book that wants to be continued and this blog project you are currently reading. Of course I will continue to write every single day, now that I have the time for it, I guess, this is not really a surprise.

I also need to reflect on my vision board, finding out where I am currently standing in life and how I will proceed in the future. Figuring out general things about life, like where I want to start working after the master thesis and where I should apply for a job.

Of course, there is also my racing program that needs to get updated as well as my new gained free time for the other half of my life. Additionally I have a 3h gift card worth of karting fun that needs to be used and some other minor things I need to do.

Being finished with the university lectures, I will finally be able to live more freely when it comes to investing 100% of my time into something I like or being interested in. Sure, I had a lot of time before already, but with having all these things in the back of my head, I always had a hard time investing time into something else that wasn’t really helping me in the university subjects.

Sure, that is just a mindset thing, but I struggled a lot with this one. Maybe studying in a dual way for the bachelor was causing this issue because of the short three months semester.

Time is flying by these days, unbelievable. Therefore, five weeks of time is in fact not that much. It will be over faster than I can say holidays. But I do not have a problem with that. In fact, I am looking forward to my new challenge in life and finally earn a bit more money again, yay!

See you next time!

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