#416 Mindset – S1 E4 – …and the downs

Previously on Mindset – S1 E3 – The ups …:

Life seems to be good. Everything works just fine! Following goals, such an awesome feeling. Orgasmic like writing experiences. Living the dream, baby.

But life is not always like this, is it? You sit in front of your computer for ages, but not a single word has come out of your fingers so far. You just sit there and stare at the white screen, watching the curser blinking.

Blink, blink, blink.

It will not move itself, will it? Therefore you do what? You write. You hit the keys dirty. Getting into the zone? Not today my friend. The flow state? Never heard about that! Some time goes by, a lot of time if I would ask you, but the clock tells a different story! Five minutes!? What!? It felt like an eternity. And the paragraph you have just written? Well, we better do not speak about it! God, just forget it! You better delete this shit!

AHHHHHHHH! What is going on today? Why me? Why today? Why?

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

Have you ever been in a similar situation? You had blocked some of your valuable time for your most favorite project in life ever, but then, well, it’s just not really going anywhere. You can’t really get into the flow, lose your thoughts in the endless stare outside the window and just can not gather your thoughts? You sit there, doubting your abilities? Question your doing? Wondering what the fuck you were thinking, writing a book about such a complicated topic?

On days like this, life seems to suck. Nothing goes as planned and we go from one thing to the other, making it worse every time we touch something. On days like this, we better do not even get out of bed in the morning. We should have stayed there. Traveling back into the world of our dreams. The place where we can be whoever we want to be.

As long as I can remember, the mindset mess inside my head seems to affect my day to day life. Sure, I have found ways how to get out of there, but avoiding going there in the first place? Well, not really a skill I have mastered so far.

I guess it’s the exponential growth of negativity in my head that jumps from one conclusion to the other, changing a bad situation into a very bad one. Or sometimes, even a good situation unnecessarily into a bad one. Accidentally or on purpose? Sometimes I wonder what the fuck might be wrong with me.

This book project I am currently working on is really cool! Or at least that is what I think, what I believe, what I expect. But on days like this, it really makes me wonder. Is it really that good? Is it really worth sharing? Is it even possible to write this thing after all? Or will I fail miserable? Will people laugh about it? Will nobody read this thing in the end?

But come on! What are you doing!?

This is just in your head. The book is not better or worse then it was last time you even got goosebumps while reading through the first chapter. Do you remember why you are doing this? What is your goal!? Come on! You must focus on this! Forget the negativity inside your head. Ignore it! Throw it out of the window! We do not need such a thing in our life!

The downs are dangerous. Not primarily physically, I mean, sure, hitting the wall in rage with your fist might hurt yourself more then the wall. But its danger lies in the effect it can have on your mind. The long lasting doubts, the writing blockages, the ongoing thought process of the thing between your two ears.

Dealing with a little bit of negativity here and there, come on! I can handle this easily! But added to one another, this obstacle that is standing between you and your project might grow day by day, hour by hour, sometimes even minute by minute. Dragging you away from reaching your goals, down the steep hill you have already climbed with so much effort.

Halt stop” (Hold stop)

Andreas from “Frauentausch” Former German TV Series

What are you doing? This is supposed to be a blog about positivity! About reaching goals! About improving! About being awesome day by day! But what are you doing!?

“Miiiiii, miiiiiiii, miiiiiiiii!”

I only hear you complaining. Bad this, bad that! What’s wrong with you today? You didn’t take your medicine? Calm down mister negativity! You can’t go on like this! Stop this nonsense.

Ok, ok! You are right of course! How stupid of me, letting my own thoughts unfiltered out into the World Wide Web. But I guess, experiencing the “downs” in life is just a part of it. Like Ying and Yang, everything needs a counterbalance. How should something be good, if there is nothing bad to compare it with. Everything would just be neutral after all. Neutral like the Swiss folks. Bathing in money but not participating in any political discussions. Oh, wow. I didn’t see this prejudice coming.

But back to todays topic. As long as I can remember, there are good days and there might be some bad ones as well. But the goal is always the same: To have more of the good ones, of course! In fact, I can’t even remember the last time when I had a bad day. Just kidding of course, but that’s the spirit we need! And hey! We are the ones that can decide upon what kind of a day we might have today. You didn’t find a parking lot and this idiot cut you off in the middle of the road? You spilled your coffee on your white shirt and forgot your lunch box? You got a speeding ticket and a reminder to pay your open bills? Whatever you might experience in life on a single day, sure, things will just happen. But while the things are happening, it’s you that decides if this is something bad or something good.

Radio guy says: “It will rain tomorrow!”
Good for the farmer who was looking forward to a bit of rain for weeks, while you need to cancel your pool party and wonder if you will get your money back for the elephant you have ordered for the grand final at midnight.

As you can see, one situation, but two different outcomes! The one person is looking forward to the other day, while the other isn’t really sure about what to do. Drowning himself in the pool, or crying underneath his blanket. Sure, you may be not a special agent working for the British empire yet and therefore have no license to kill like the infamous James Bond, whoever is playing the character these days and therefore do not have such a fancy range of equipment that will make your days become better, but why don’t you make it a habit to only have good days from now on, do you promise?

You may just say: “No, thank you! I am not in the mood for a bad day! This will be a good day, my friend! Are we clear about that?!”

The mindset, a fascinating thing we will most likely never truly understand. But I guess that’s not really the point. Men do not understand women for some couple of thousand years so far, but even they have found a way how to deal with that problem somehow or another.

In the end, it will be up to you my friend, if there will be ups and downs in your life or not. But I can highly recommend you to get on a higher altitude and make the downs not hit below zero ever again. Then, the downs might be still exist, but mathematically they will be still ups. 🤓

See you next time!

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