#435 Discipline – S2 E5 – The PRocess – WHY YOU SHOULD BE MORE DISCIPLINED

Statements like “Oh my god! I am so disciplined! This is unbelievable! I really need work on this in order to get less disciplined as soon as possible!” or “Do you know what is really annoying about my life? I wake up really early in the morning and have a good mood! Can you believe it? I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I just want to do stuff! I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor on Friday! I hope he can help!?” are very unlikely to have ever occurred in a conversation between coworkers or colleagues anywhere in this world, right? Especially before 7 am in the morning.

But what would you say if this is your new identity? Can you imagine a world, in which your biggest problems in life are exactly these two issues?

  1. You are too disciplined!
  2. You wake up ultra early in the morning and always feel energetic and in a good mood every single day!
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What would happen to your life? Would something happen? I mean, sure, you would definitely do more stuff, right? You could go to work early, leaving it somewhere in the afternoon already. You would be more productive! At least theoretically you could. I mean, come on! You are disciplined and get up early every single day?!?! That sounds like the perfect mixture in order to do something great! You could finally work on all of your projects you haven’t really made progress on in the past, simultaneously! You may even would have the time for new projects and hobbies. You might start something new you always wanted to do? A small business, a big business, a book, a blog, or a new language or whatever you want! Simply put, with the combination of these two things, I guess the world would belong to you! You could do anything and reach anything!

But well, it’s just a dream, right? An illusion! Something that doesn’t exist!

You are neither ultra disciplined nor particularily a morning person! You need your sleep, that’s a fact! Before 9 am, we better do not talk to you! But nevertheless, isn’t it interesting what you would change? How your life would differ? From one day to the other you would be more productive, more energetic, and just doing stuff. Well, it’s still not making click in your head?

Just imagine your life with these two things! What would you change exactly? Everything? Nothing? A bit here and there? But isn’t it fascinating how much we could do differently? Having finally enough time for our family and friends? For our kids, motorcycles and cars? We could start a little side business or the one hobby we always wanted to do! Our life would just be so much more effective!

Meh, very sad that these two things are not a part of your identity…

You could do great things, I am sure about that! I see it right in front of my eyes! Well, maybe in another life, then?! See you there!

But honestly, if you would invest just a couple of minutes and analyze the behavior of your fellow man doing every day stuff, you might be able to instantly tell who’s disciplined and who’s not! Right? It’s the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they are doing even the simplest of tasks in life. Is being a disciplined person something we have or have not inherited from our parents? Is it pure luck if you have it or not? Or is someone deciding upon this question? Were you still asleep while god distributed the skill of “discipline” in heaven and the stork simply took you without it? Or is discipline in fact a skill everybody can “learn“? Just a mindset thing? Something everyone of us can simply decide uppon having or not?

In order to run fast you need what? Right! A lot of muscles and really long legs like Usain Bolt. In order to run ultra long you need what? Maybe a low body weight and still long legs? Some endurance capabilities might be helpful as well!?

But what do you need in order to be more disciplined?

Muscles? Long legs? A long list of disciplined people in your family history books? It doesn’t seem like that! When it comes to the topic of discipline, it is must be something else that is important! Something deeper? Something we, as simply minded human beings can’t understand? Some people simply have it while others don’t? Is it faith? Bad luck? A lottery? In the end, I simply do not know the answer!

But is this really important anyways? Does it matter to know where this might come from in case you are disciplined already? Or why you experience a lack of it in your day to day life?

For me personally, discipline is one of the easiest things to understand in the world! Why? Maybe because I simply have it!? The first time I noticed this thing was somewhere in fifth grade. I was a bit overweight and decided to change this from one day to the other. I simply changed my complete life from one second to the other. I changed my nutrition, my daily schedule, my hobbies and stuff. And well, it was the easiest thing ever. Sure, back in those days I thought that this is just normal. That this is something everybody can do! Well, how silly of me to believe in something like that! Only later I have figured out that I am not normal. Not the average human being! Sure, you might ask yourself why the hell you are even reading this seemingly endless blog post today. But I guess the answer is this!

My two biggest problems in life are exactly that!

  1. I am too disciplined!
  2. I wake up ultra early in the morning and always feel energetic and in a good mood every single day!

But I may suffering from that! I can’t rest! I need to go on! To do stuff! To reach my goals! Look at the category “The road to success” and tell me what you see! How is that even possible that someone can just do this every single week after week? That’s not normal! And in fact, it is not normal! I don’t know what it is, but I am sure that it is something you can acquire over time! The methods I use to motivate myself are very simple! In fact, the complete topic of “discipline” seems to be so easy to implement in someones life! But sure, it doesn’t seem to be too easy for other people to actually do it.

For me, “discipline” is a mindset thing. Everybody can acquire it if he or she wants to! It’s like believing in a religion! The moment you got the message you are in! But the moment you do not get the message anymore, or never actually got the message in the first place, you are out of the game. Wondering what other people see in this, when you see in fact just nothing.


Will it be hard work? OF COURSE! Will you experience setbacks? HELL YES, YOU WILL! Will it be a long way? OH YES! DEFINITELY! But can you get to the point where you want to be in the future? TO 100 PERCENT!

STEP by STEP! The golden rule towards everything in life! Can you become a little bit more disciplined that you were yesterday? Just a bit? OF COURSE YOU CAN! Well and tomorrow, you just repeat it until one day, you might be even more disciplined than I am! At least if you really want this!

Well, fantastic speech, dude! But how do I actually do this? How do I become more disciplined? I guess, this is a topic for another time in this category. Stay tuned and follow my blog if you are not already doing it!


Napoleon Hill

See you next time!

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