#479 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E13 – Life, Money, HAPPINESS

Live is what we call the time being here on mother earth. Money is the thing that decides how this time will look like. And happiness represents the ultimate goal we are chasing after during that time.

Money rules the world!

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If you don’t think that this is true, well open your eyes! Everything there is, it’s just there for one reason. To make money. From the shirt you are wearing, to the chair on which you are sitting. From the computer on which you are reading this, to each and every other item in your possession.

Can you imagine the feeling we have when buying something new? Let’s say the brand new iPhone 12 for example? Isn’t it awesome? You want, you buy, you get what you deserve! But what is that? This internal drive that demands from you to purchase? Do you really just need another phone? Or do you buy more than just a piece of machinery?

In this modern marketing driven world, of course you do not only buy a phone! You buy a lifestyle! A feeling! A story that you truly believe in! You don’t think that this is true? It’s so easy to explain!

In this world there are only two types of people. The apple brand lovers and the haters. Either you love these devices with everything you have, use their products and feel great while doing so. Or, you do not get the message and see no reason in paying so much more money for something, that cannot even do more than other phones on the market.

To which group of people do you belong?

Have you already ordered the next generation iPhone? Well, in case you have, how does it feel? Just think about this for a minute or two and tell me! Have you really just bought a phone? Or have you bought a feeling? A product that will show others who you are? Is getting the new iPhone happiness? Or at least a temporary type of happiness? Does it make your life better?

Behind every product in your possession is a company. And a company consists out of what? Exactly! People! And people do what? Right again! They live! And in order to make their life better they need what? Right! Money! And what do they do with the money? Bravissimo! They buy happiness on time.

The circle of life!

In our modern world, everything seems to be connected! Globally, financially, and business wise. But also much deeper on a personal level. Ok, we got this one covered! But wait a second! We do not have the same mindset! People tend to be different! Even though that my sister might have experienced the same childhood, the same environment, the same advice, she might have developed a completely different mindset than I have. And if we can see those differences inside our family already, how might this look like in the whole world out there?

If you want to be successful with whatever you are doing in life, there is no need to please each and every person in this world! And in fact, this is hardly even possible!

Lesson one: Accept that you can not please anybody!

Therefore, your product, service, or whatever you are having in mind doesn’t need to please the masses! You don’t need the one and only universal product everyone desires. You just need something that a few people need! In fact, if you are doing it correctly, you need to please less people than you might expect.

Lesson two: Solve problems

People buy stuff in order to do what? To make their lives better? To be able to do something they otherwise couldn’t? If we are really honest with ourself, we need so little, but want so much! Why do I need a 80k Porsche, when in fact a small VW drives me from point A to point B in life as well? Because I want to have the Porsche! Because I write the story that describes my life.

In this world, there are products we really need and products we tell ourself that we need them. With the right story in mind, we might need everything. But the big question is of course, what do you want to offer the world?

Will you give the world something it needs? Or will you show the world that it needs something?

Both ways work, there are numerous of examples that have proven that already! But what is your choice?

Lesson three: Quality wins over quantity!

Better render a good service that is worth any penny, than a bad service that is overpriced!

Lesson four: At the end of the day, money will not make you happier.

Sure, you think that money will make your life better! And of course, some things will change. But in the end, you will experience the same problems you are already experiencing! Therefore, the problems do not get away, they might just change!

See you next time!

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