#484 DECISION Making

Decisions are just a part of life. They follow us wherever we go! You have hardly a minute in your life, in which you do not need to decide something. Sure, most of these decisions are in fact really small ones and the outcome doesn’t seem to be that important anyway. But never the less, you need take one decision after the other. Do this or do that? Eat this for dinner or something else? Turn left or right?

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Of course! These are just random decision each and everyone needs to take. But they are not that important of course, right? It doesn’t matter if you go left or right!

Oh really? Well, I don’t agree! If turning to the left means meeting your future friend and turning to the right that a truck will hit you with 100 km/h, I guess the small decision in life can also change it forever!

In fact, every single decision we are taking has the potential to change our lives! And even realizing this might be mind-blowing already! Just imagine this little decision you will take in 3 seconds.

3, 2, 1, decide! Left or right?

This will change your life forever! And the next decision after that? Well, it will do the very same thing!

We are constantly changing our life story! Every minute you can decide for a different path and give your life a different direction.

Decision making! Some claim that they are in control of what is going on around them, but honestly, this isn’t even possible!

What you should learn today?

It is important to decide, but be aware of the consequences of decisions.

See you next time!

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