#486 Car leasing?! – *Topic Week 12* – Day 1 – Introduction

With my 15 years old car, “braking” down due to a brake issue last week, my whole car related master plan got destroyed in an instant. But what do I do now? Buy a new car? Or maybe even lease one? Mhh, a tricky question! Or should I take the bus?

Public transportation? HELL NO!!! IIIIIHHHHH🙄😳🙁😱🤮

Ok, maybe public transportation isn’t that bad, but come on! I am a car enthusiast! What do you expect?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

When thinking about car leasing, there are a lot of things coming to mind. It’s fuxxing expensive, there are a lot of hidden costs and when you give the car back to the dealership, well, they will make you pay for every single scratch.

To be honest with you, leasing a car was never a real option in my life. I always claimed that driving an old car would be much cheaper and more affordable. And sure, theoretically this can be true, but it always depends, as so often in life.

Looking back a single week, the topic of leasing a car wasn’t something I was particularly familiar with. Sure, I knew the general concept that stands behind it, but that was it. Not more, not less! I had no intention to get a new car, therefore, why should I have thought about it?! But now? I guess, things have changed!

In this weeks topic week I want to talk specifically about the topic of car leasing. Is it worth the price? How much does it actually cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the problems? With what do you need to be careful with? And so on and so forth.

My goal? I want to know everything there is to know about car leasing until the end of those five days. Because for sure, I need to take a decision as soon as possible if I want to lease my next car, or not.

See you next time!

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