#498 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E14 – Still no Revenue with this project

It still feels like it was only yesterday when I started into this blog project adventure. Well, 498 days into the game, I have still not generated any kind of financial benefit from this. Sure, this is not really a top priority on my list. But with my time at university coming to an end in a couple of month, I need to reconsider my personal time management and the way I want to earn my money with in the future.

Sure, I am doing this project primarily for myself! Maybe that’s even the first thing I should change, but it is just how it is. Sorry to say, but at least in my life it seems like I am the one that is setting to the priorities.

Will I continue with this blog project in the exact way I have been doing this in the last 498 days? Well, that’s a tricky question to answer!

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Why does this project do not bring me any financial revenue?

Isn’t it good enough? Well, to be honest, I don’t think that my blog project is really that good already. Sure, it’s getting better day by day. But paying for this? Ah, well! No, I don’t see this coming. This thing will just be free forever!

But do I even need to make money with it? Well, I guess, this decision will become even more tricky in the future, once I have found a job. Being an engineer from profession, I will just make a bit of money as you can probably imagine. But with this blog project right now? I would just need to invest so much more time in order to gain any traction and hopefully become more successful. I don’t know if this is really what I want.

Considering my other project these days, the book I write. It just do not seem to be that clever to invest even more time into this blog project here. Sure, time will tell how things will change in the future. But I will most likely use this blog as a platform to share my daily thoughts and ideas as I do these days and use the book as the thing, that will generate the first revenues.

Who buys a book from an inexperienced author?

A good question, isn’t it! This thing needs to be really good! AH! Not even that is enough! It needs to be exceptionally good! It needs to be the best thing I could ever write! Well, at least close to that, right!? My current strategy is to write such a good book, that once someone has read it, that person will tell others about it. And well, if the stone starts rolling, the Porsche is just a matter of time, isn’t it? 😂 HAHA!

These days, the master thesis is of course the most important project in my life. Therefore, the book will stay a side project until the master thesis is done. But after that, well, I guess I will flip the thing around and focus more on the book and less on the blog.

But let’s see. I have some four month left until the master thesis needs to be finished. I guess, time will tell.

See you next time!

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