#502 The CHANGE

With hitting the magical 500 blog post barrier two days ago, I realized that it is finally time to change certain things on my blog.

Why? Because life is too short for doing only the things others are expecting from you!

“Writing for the sake of writing? Hell no! That’s not cool! Who do you think that you are? J.K. Rolling? Come on dude! You do not even like reading!”

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

Honestly! Who is supposed to read all of this? Right?! I am writing and writing and writing. But for what? Does it make your life any better? Do you understand what I am trying to say? In this world, people seem to do not care too much about others. We are just egoists, deal with that! And sure, once someone is actually giving something back to the community. Well, what do we do? Right! We can’t believe it! We start looking for the catch! Why is he doing this? Where is his benefit? What does he get out of the equation?

In the last 500 days, I cared to much about other peoples opinion. I allowed the pressure to build up this huge obstacle which is standing right in my way, every single day. But what am I afraid of? I got 66 comments in 501 days. Well, that’s definitely not a lot. But at least for my mind, it doesn’t matter! The possibility is there! This is out there in the world! And so, is the pressure!

Sure, I could just quit with that, not allowing comments on the blog any longer. But honestly, that isn’t a solution either. We can’t just run away from our problems. And actually, we shouldn’t.

And so, in the last 500 days, I did a pretty decent job. I did not quit. I just kept on going. But still, this thought! It is always present in the back of mind. Trying to prevent me from moving on. Even right now I can clearly feel it.

But life goes on! And so we need to do the very same thing. And so, I will no longer allow this thing to enter my mind. I will just ignore this thought! I will fight this thought! I will delete this from my mind.

The guy that actually set the foundation, which became later the motivate for me to start this blog doesn’t have a comments section on his blog. A wise decision, actually! But for me, I kind of need this excitement that someone could just send a negative reply. Criticism, anger, frustration! Well, I did not even had a single comment of those, but it doesn’t matter. The thought is there anyways.

I am not really getting to the point, right? The point is, that this blog is not yet opening up to the person that I am. I do not mention my name, my private life and stuff like that. Sure, why shouldn’t I! But here is the thing were I see the problem. Sure, you can read every single blog post I have written so far. But without the knowledge about the feelings, emotions and stories I had at that time, how are you supposed to get the whole message.

I can talk about motivation for ages, but without letting you into my personal life, how can you understand how to actually endure things? This is not possible! Therefore, this is something I need to change. In order to give you the very same chance as I have, you need to know more! You need to know the details, the exact process, the way to go.

This blog project will become a bit more personal, a bit more detailed and focusing specifically on the important milestones in life.

Are you ready for the next 500 days? Get buckled up!

See you next time!

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