#508 Finding a job in the midst of a crisis

This life is supposed to be different. More events, entertainment and fun. At least that is what I hear other people complaining about all the time in the current COVID 19 lockdown. They want to go to parties, events and crowded places. They want to travel the world.

But for me, well, honestly, this lockdown doesn’t change anything. It seems like I have spend the last three years of my life in quarantine, anyways.

How so? Well, that’s an easy thing to answer. Because I have goals to reach! I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to reach. From the moment I get up in the morning to the last thing I do before saying good night, I just do what I love. Every single day. Going into town? This seems to be a waste of time! Partying? No thank you! Holidays? What is that? I am in the lucky position to have everything that I need at home. A gym, a racing simulator and a pool. What do I need more?

Well, I need a job!

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Getting my master degree very soon, I am ready for my first real job. Sure, maybe now is not the best time for getting one! But come on! When was ever the perfect time for something? Does that even exist? The perfect moment? I highly doubt that! But sure, I don’t know it for sure!

Looking in the history books, all those crisis in the past have brought the people something unique! A chance! An opportunity! If I don’t find a job, well, then I don’t find a job! I will just create my own one! I will have a lot of time for this blog. I will have a lot of time for my book! I will have a lot of time to think about starting my own company.

In this life, we tend to lose our focus for what is really important. We look at this crisis and freak out! “It is so difficult to find a job!” But is it really that difficult? No! Of course not! There are still a lot of jobs out there! And honestly, I do not even need a lot of jobs. I need just one! And the one is out there, somewhere! I will find it eventually! Even if that means to create it myself.

But it’s hard to stay focused on the mission ahead. We move away from our positive mindset. We allow setbacks to enter our minds.

You can plan whatever you want, life might have a different plan for you! Everything happens for a reason, right? Sure, I could freak out about not having a job yet. But what does it change? How is this supposed to help me in any way? It’s not helping me! It makes matters worse! It makes life even more difficult!

We need to learn to calm down! To let the world turn on it’s own! Whatever situation comes our way, we will handle it! There is no obstacle too high! There is just nothing you can not do! Focus your attention on the task in front of you! Step by step! Day by day! Task by task!

Finding a job? Well, we will see how this goes.

To be continued!

See you next time!

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