#521 Behind The Blog – S1 E10 – What DAILY BLOGGING changes WITHIN YOU

Some people might wonder what it takes to write a daily blog. Well, the answer might be so easy. Someone writes just every day without any exceptions.

No Hollidays, no weekends, no excuses, no nothing.

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It doesn’t matter if you do not feel like writing, have no time or actually be pretty sick. Writing every single day means exactly that, writing everyday. It doesn’t matter what is going on in this world, or in your own world, or in any other world. It doesn’t matter if you have a broken arm, lost someone close or got pretty upset.

Whatever is going on around you, you don’t care! Why? Because you have a job to do! A goal to reach! A mission to complete!

Some people might wonder if they have whatever it takes to write a blog. Well, it doesn’t matter if you have whatever it takes! You just need to start today and keep on going. Day by day. Post by post.

Your project will always grow with you!

Writing this today from home feels strange. I should be at work, working on my master thesis. But I can’t, I need to make sure that my eye is ok before that. It’s already way better today, sure! But still far away from being normal. These are the exact moments in life where we can change something. We get the time to think, to dream, to ask ourself what we are even doing here with our own lives.

If your life would end today, what would you regret not having done?

I live a very conscious life, sure, but even I drift up into the daily routine. The endless loop of doing something, for sure! But without questioning anything. We go to work, we eat, we go to sleep. But where is the purpose of this all? Why do I get up? Why do I go to work? Why do I eat? Why do I do what I do?

Some people claim that they know the truth about life. Other people like I, claim that every single person need to find their personal truth on their own. There is no universal truth, there can’t be one. In your life, you might need to do other things that I am supposed to chase after! Maybe, having a blog is not on your list. But how do you know? How can you be for sure?

If you want to learn more about yourself, start with a blog!

It’s scary how much we know about others, but how little about ourselves. We are just always there, doing whatever we do. But how often do you ask yourself how you really are? Or what you really think about a situation or even yourself? Where is you? Are you sitting behind your eyes? Or somewhere else? Sounds strange, I know. But who are you anyways?

We go through life chasing after dreams. Our dreams? The dreams someone planted in our heads? At the end of the day we don’t care. We want the car! The house! The partner! But why do we want this exact house, this exact car, this exact partner? Why not the other house, the other car, the other partner?

When thinking about questions like this, you can get close! Close to falling down at the end of your world. Finally looking at this life from a different point of view.

Figure out what you really want in this life! Well, and then just start going and get it!

It might sound so easy. Too easy, probably! But it is the only thing you need to know! Give your life a purpose and your life will have a purpose. Give yourself a reason and your life will have a reason! But don’t copy the dreams others are already dreaming. Don’t desire the car your neighbor is driving. Sure, it’s a great Mercedes. But life is not a competition! Of course you can have a Ferrari, or a black Bentley if you like it a more classy. But it doesn’t matter which car you drive! At the end of the day, all these things are just not that important anyways.

Writing a daily blog for the last 521 days changed my life. But not only that! It also changed the way I look at this world! Certain things became unimportant! Others really important!

The time is running! Now or never?

It is never too late to start doing something! But it’s a shame how much time we waste with this attitude. Time is never standing still. Sure, some lessons at school felt like it. But even them ended somehow or another. At the end of your life you need to be satisfied with the outcome. You need to think about it with a grin on your face!

Writing a daily blog makes you live more conscious! It shows you how short live really is! I mean just have a look at this! I can’t even remember a days without writing my blog and it has been only 521 days. That’s nothing!

But there are also things I need to work on! Thing I tend to ignore in my day to day life. Things that are standing on my list, but nevertheless I don’t really work on them. But it’s good to notice! That might be the first step! I see the problems! I see the weaknesses! I see the things where I need to improve.

How will I change this? Day by day of course!

If you don’t have your own blog project already, this is the moment where you should start! Nobody said it needs to be something online. You can also just write for yourself! Maybe not even everyday?! Well, actually you should write every day! Even if you do it only for a couple of minutes. The effect it will have on yourself is just so much bigger!

See you next time!

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