#523 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E16 – Thoughts on Customer service

It’s Christmas time. Time to go and buy some presents!? Well, not really! Rather ordering them online, right? Well, whatever! Have you ever experienced a bad customer service somewhere? In case you have, now is the time to rearrange the emotions in your body! Can you remember how you felt? How you swore to God, that you will never ever even dare to take a step into this store any longer?

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Well, what do you do if that isn’t even possible? What if the place with the bad customer service is a place you need to go to anyways? Let’s say it is your doctor? What do you do then? Right! Nothing!

Having these issues with my eyes recently, there was one thing getting quite obvious. Those medical practices do not need to be afraid about loosing patients. In fact, they have so many customers already, they do not even take new ones. Not even if it is a kind of an emergency.

Isn’t that fascinating to see? They can literally do whatever they want! You just have to go to them! I have found practices that do not even tell you when they are open. Why? Because they don’t want you to actually go there! They cash out so much money with doing operations and stuff like this, they actually don’t want you to go there with your little problems you have!

But wait a minute! Isn’t that wrong? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? That the doctor is doing the job in order to help all the people out there, whatever they have?

This world seems to be so strange. In the normal business world, the customer is the most important thing ever. But in this branch, well, nobody seems to care! They just do whatever they want and you, well you either play after their rules or stay at home all together. Alternatives? You don’t really have them!

But it would be so easy, right? Why not mentioning the opening times somewhere online? Why don’t talking to the patients for a bit longer, actually telling them more about their problems and where they come from?

But in this world of patients and doctors, well, time is money.

If I would be a doctor, I would do it differently. Well, that’s what I am saying now. Sure, being in this situation might be something totally different! And don’t get me wrong on this! It’s of course never easy and they don’t have the time! But honestly, it would be so easy to change at least something! If someone would actually want to change it!

Well, I can’t change them! I can’t tell them what they should or shouldn’t do! This is of course not my job! But I can of course change the situations in my life! I can change the customer experience you have, my dear readers! So, anybody has something to say? Now is your time!

Take a break from whatever you are doing and ask yourself how others perceive the experience of interacting with your company, blog, or whatever it is you are doing. How can you make their life more easy? What do they need to know in order to do not experience any kind of uncertainty?

If a doctor would just step away from his knowledge and level of experience for a minute and start to think in a more easy and general manner. Well, they would stop acting like they do! They would tell you what you need to know, and not what you can’t even process. They would make things easier! Telling you exactly what is going on by using everyday examples we understand.

My family doctor is a good example! He has a passion for his job and actually taking some time to make sure that you understand. That your questions are answered and that you know what to do next!

I should really start a start-up company soon! I have so many ideas and it makes just so much fun to think about stuff like this! Well, maybe I am strange! Maybe I think about things others do not even dare to think about! But for me, it’s the easy to change things that seems to matter most! The way you communicate with your customers and colleagues! The way the employees talk about their company. The way the most simple and easiest tasks are organized.

A lot of companies out there have a great website, marketing department and advertise the hell out of their products. But that all doesn’t help when the costumer experience sucks! Right? Right!

Look for improvements and try to make this world a better place!

See you next time!

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