#535 Discipline – S2 E8 – The process – You are responsible for your own life

Understand this, and discipline will become naturally to you.


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Unfortunately, not many people really understand the point of this statement! They go through life with a kind of an understanding for what seems to be going on out there in this world, but never question themself in whatever they are doing. They never reflect their own life in a way of actually being responsible for all of it.

Why should they, it is just so much easier otherwise! You can blame your parents, your family, the environment you grow up in. You can blame the misfortune others brought into your life, how they used you, how they destroyed your ideas, how they hold you back.

But all of this is just nonsense. The only reason why you haven’t become the person you always wanted to become, is the simple fact that you have not been doing enough! And that’s it! That’s a fact! Because otherwise, you would already have the faster car, the bigger house, the company, the book, the blog, or whatever else you desire.

But we, we don’t think in that way. Why should we!? At the end of the day, it can’t be us! It needs to be something from the outside that is holding us back, right? different reason! It just must be that way!

It was this company that was not giving me the chance to work for them. It was my ill health, that prevented me from starting to do triathlon when I was younger! It was this, it was that! But never us!

Well, sure, you can go through life like this! And actually, a lot of people out there are doing exactly that. But at the end of the day, it will not work! You will never actually reach your goals! Why? Because there is always something going on! There is always someone trying to put stones in your way. Always something that will just happen.

We are not meant to be who we are. We are becoming what we want to become. Since your day one on this planet earth, you have become the exact version of yourself you always wanted to be. I mean, just look at how you spend your time, maybe you will be surprised, but take whoever you want, let them do the very same thing and fair enough, this person will become very similar to who you are.

You are not born an athlete, or an engineer, or a race car driver. Sure, for some it might be easier to do sport, or to solve mathematical equations and stuff like this. But at the end of the day, the way you spend your time will define who you will become.

Therefore, coming back to the statement above. Indeed, you are responsible for your own life, because you have spend all your time so far with becoming the exact person you have become.

Fair enough, you might protest and say, that there are things we can not control! And damn right you are, but in fact, if you are really thinking it through, you are kind of responsible for this as well! Let’s say, you had an accident with your motorbike. Well, this idiot was just crashing into you and it wasn’t your fault! Of course it was not! But you decided to ride a motorbike in the first place! It was your decision to do this! Nobody was forcing you! So, in this life, you are responsible for your decision! And sure, we never know what will happen! But that is not important, things will happen. That’s life! But that is not important! Important is to understand, that once you put your faith into your own hands, now is your chance to actually change something.

Discipline is a choice!

It’s not that you are getting born with it! So, if you are finally taking the responsibility, you will notice how easy it actually is to just change your life. One might just start right now and turns this life upside down.

If you want to blame others for not succeeding in life, you are welcome to do this whenever you want. But realize, that this will not make it any better! In fact, it will be even worse! Because you will not even try! You will just accept and believe that you can’t, and sure, as Henry Ford said years ago already:

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford

You will not succeed in anything! You will be a failure by choice! Preventing yourself from reaching your own dreams. You are limiting yourself! You will burry your hopes and dreams and have the most miserable life ever.

Or, you might change your way of thinking today. You might get off the couch right now, reflect on your past life and define this as temporary defeat! You simply haven’t known it any better! We can all accept that! But what is in the past, is the past. The past doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is today! Take the responsibility for your current life and finally start to change it!

You can reach everything in this life. There is no dream too high, there is no goal out of reach! You may just take the next step and actively change your life for the better.

People ask me why I do this daily blog. The answer? For these very moments! It might sound so easy, it might sound so simple. But we tend to forget. We tend to take the alternative route. To fall back into the comfort zone. This is a daily reminder for me to do more. To reach for the stars and become the person I want to become.

See you next time!

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