#540 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E11 – What’s the point of all of this?

Can someone give me a reason? Why should we meditate? What changes meditation within us, that makes it so important? I mean, some people even claim that you do not need to meditate. They say, that your whole life can become a meditation like session. You just need to do what you truly love and live in the present moment all the time!

Oh, right! As easy as that! Sometimes I really wonder what might be wrong with these people! Claiming that your complete life can become a meditation session! What is that for an absurd goal? I don’t want my whole life becoming boring as hell, full of back pain and strange music. But that is of course not what they are referring to. They say it, sure, but they mean something else! They mean that you live in harmony and peace with yourself. That the energy flow inside your body is steady, that you are actually enjoying life to its fullest!

But we? We have a hard time even believing that this is possible! We think about work, about taxes, about misery. All those negative thoughts are entering our minds so effortlessly. It seems, like we are not under control. Our minds are not, but our lives are not in control either.

Honestly, where is the point in all of this?

What does it matter? What does it change? Why? Just why!?

Meditation doesn’t need to be boring, they say! It will be fun! Just go into nature, find a peaceful waterfall and a stone to sit on it. And sure, we have nothing else in life to do, as to drive hours without an end, searching for a quiet place somewhere at the end of the world! Sure, it is important to learn how to meditate! But can’t they make it a bit more practical? Just a bit more useful? A bit more modern? Why always sitting? I sit in the office all day long! Why isn’t there a life hack out there, that teaches you how to meditate?

Sure, there are these fancy apps and coaches! True! But come on! Meditation is not like getting a tattoo. It’s not about how good the professional is in what they are doing, it’s about how they can explain you how to do it properly one day on your own without paying them!

Give me a Porsche 911 and I my head will be free! Give me a meditation coach and it will not! The key is the process! The thing that is going on between our ears! Our minds are not under control! They can’t be!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I say elephant! 🐘 You think about an elephant! 🐘 I say lion! You think about a lion! I say chick, you think about a hot woman! The elephant 🐘 is wearing a blue hoody with your name on. Why is there your name on the blue hoody the elephant 🐘 is wearing? Can you explain! And look, he is holding a large toothbrush with his trunk and cleaning his teeth. You call this under control? I hope you are not working in the air traffic management!

The key is to understand that you are thinking and just letting this thought go away! Go! AWAY! COME ON ELEPHANT! 🐘 MOVE! I WILL PUSH YOU IF NECESSARY! MOVE! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! LEAVE ME ALONE!

I hope the elephant 🐘 will leave your mind pretty soon! Is he still there? Somewhere? Can you still see him? Or hear his noise? The elephants 🐘 name, you are asking? You should forget about it!

Push the elephant 🐘 away! It’s not so easy because I repeat the word elephant 🐘 all the time? Sorry! But now! I will not mention the large and heavy animal from Africa 🐘 or India 🐘 depending on the ear size any longer!

What? I should shut up? Ok! But at least you see the point? Your mind is not under control, but you are the only one that can control it! Not a fancy app that costs a fortune every month, not a professional guru from India. It’s just you that needs to understand what is going on and work on this!

Understand that you are thinking. Tell the thought that you have identified it as such. Demand from it to go a way!

🐘 How does the elephant sound by the way? Can your write down in the comments below what kind of sound the elephant is doing?🐘

See you next time!

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