#557 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E12 – Mindfulness

We call it mindfulness these days, don’t we? I mean come on! What? You are still meditating? It’s 2021, dude! Meditations are something from the year 2011! Wake up, man!

Honestly, the moment you tell someone in the office about your meditation practice, you can literally observe as their face expression turns suddenly very neutral and their brains trying to process the information they just got! You can see it in their eyes! They know! You can imagine how their internal voice is starting to whisper right into their ears. “Be careful! He became one of those! Climate activist meets vegan meets horoscope believer meets homeopathy user!” and there we have it! We are suddenly the freak in the office!

Well, who wants to be the freak? Nobody, of course! Therefore, we don’t meditate any longer on this side of the hemisphere! We call it mindfulness these days, deal with it!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

But I am different, right? I am already the freak! Come on! I have a blog! Who is blogging in 2021?! Nobody! Therefore, well, I just don’t care and will continue to call it meditation anyways. In fact, isn’t a “FULL MIND” the complete opposite of what we want to reach with our practice, however we are calling it? You don’t get it? “MIND FULL NESS”

Ok, not funny after all, but who cares! In fact, this little joke just emptied your mind for the moment. Maybe your doubts, worries and problems disappeared for a little while until you were reading this very sentence about their disappearance and now they are back. Well, sorry in case they are really back. “KKKKSHHSHSHSHHHHH! Go away problems! Better? Not really…? Sorry!

However, the art of meditating, being mindful or how we might call it in 2030 describes always the same. Our minds are not under control. That’s a fact! But nevertheless we think that we can control anything! Our affiliates, our neighbors, our minds! And in fact, never ever in history was the human race better equipped for doing it! We have all those fancy machines, apps and body scans. We can watch your brain working, we can tell your arms to move, we are about to understand it all.

But nevertheless, even though we have all these modern tools available all around the globe, still, or maybe even more people seem to struggle with their mental health. The stress, the pressure, the need to deliver! Todays competitions may start very early on. Parents want to see their own kids following their footsteps and studying something great. Or fulfilling the dreams of their failed parents. Whatever it is, the pressure is somehow always there! And I am not talking about the atmospheric pressure here!

But is mindfulness the better alternative? Is this a way how to get more people starting to actively think about their brains, or rather how to do not think for a while? Honestly, I don’t know. Can you learn how to calm down by using an app? Or do they just want to use your most miserable situation and make a ton of money? I mean, I tried one of those apps myself for a couple of months, but well, I was not convinced! At least for me, this was nothing!

I guess if I will finally find a way how to calm myself down, I can calm down 99 % of the worlds population as well.

But let’s see! The question you need to answer today is quite simple. Are you doing enough for your mental health? Do you enjoy your time being in your own body and doing what you do? Are you ok? Mentally? Or is there an issue coming up on the horizon? Something that is already bothering you for quite some time? Something you should deal with right now?

Mindfulness doesn’t mean to use a fancy app, or listen to a strange guided meditation podcast. “MINDFULNESS” is just the acceptance that our brains are full of thoughts all the time. But the goal was never to stop thinking! The goal is to realize what your mind is doing, for example thinking and pushing those thoughts away! Letting another thought enter your mind and recognize this one as a thought as well.

The exercise that will grow your meditation skills stronger is the recognition of your brain thinking and letting the thoughts float away.

Mindfulness, just a different way how to call the process of trying to get your head free. However you are calling it, just start working on it! It will help you, believe me! But not by just talking about it!

See you next time!

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