#570 TINY MIND – S1 E4 – Routines

The power of a routine is what makes life easier. A task becomes a habit. A habit becomes an autonomous process. And an autonomous process becomes a routine.

The best example might be driving a car. We all know how to do it. But while driving, do you actually control all those single processes at a time? Thinking about each and every task? No, of course not! You just decide where to drive and do it. Automatically. If you don’t believe me, just try it out the next time you are sitting in your car. Do not just drive out of your driveway, but instead, think about each and every single task you might need to do. Look into the mirrors, select the right gear, you know the stuff. Do you actively control all of this all the time? Or do you just drive and let your routine does the job for you?

Of course it is a routine! Otherwise we would get overstrained pretty quickly. Thinking about all that stuff all the time? Life would be so complex without routines. Thank God that we have them.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

But why do we have them anyways? Is this how things are getting done? Is this natures way to free our minds from repetitive tasks? I assume it must be that! When running away from a wild animal, it might be better to focus on where to go, instead of controlling each and every step we need to make. Right? Right! But the awesome thing about routines is, that you can set them up on your own!

You can actually start forming a routine for whatever you want!. Drinking a beer after work, doing 100 pushups in the morning, writing your daily blog in the afternoon. The stage is yours, completely! You can literally implement whatever you want! But sure, be careful when doing so! What seems to be a good thing in the beginning can turn out to be not that useful after all!

Routines, for me, they work. Why? Because everything is just that, a process. Whatever there is in life, it is all based on certain skills. So, why shouldn’t we be able to learn all the skills that are needed and reach our end goals? Routines are great, because they make life easier! And if there is one thing we urgently need, it’s a less complex life. Therefore, go for it!

Routines work! They are for free! Why don’t you use them?

See you next time!

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