#601 Who the fuck is Clubhouse?

You must have heard about this app, don’t you? I mean, everybody seems to talk about it! No? Not everybody? Ok! But nearly everybody! So, what is your opinion?

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I have recently tried it a couple of times and well, actually I have very mixed feelings. I see 70% marketing nonsense, people trying to make money out of this new thing. 20% absolute nonsense, 5% that is kind of ok, 4 % is ok and 1% that is in fact really good!

But well, people must have too much time! Otherwise I can’t understand! On Sunday morning I was listing to a room focusing on morning routines and motivation. Well, if those people put their phones away, and actually do what they are talking about every single day, they would be much further down the road already.

As it seems, clubhouse is the exact copy of the real life out there. People want to impress others, show what they have, what they can, what they do. But people need the acceptance, right? The acknowledgement or however we want to describe it.

So called “experts” showing you the way? Well, sounds familiar! The sooner you are on such an app, the higher your potential to get followers and attention. But in life it is not all about followers and attention, is it? But well, maybe I have a different mindset. People have just nothing to do, as it seems. It’s the pandemic out there, sure! But what the hell? I guess I am too old for this nonsense!

But anyways, let’s rather talk about the 1% that is actually good! You can meet new people, you can talk to. You can have interesting conversations with people from all around the world! And that is indeed a very good thing! It helps people to open their minds. To get a broader understanding for how life out there really looks like. And sure, we can all learn something form each other, right? We can all improve something in our lives!

Should you guys go and get it? I guess, that’s a question I can not answer for you. On the one hand, this is indeed a great new tool how to connect with people from all over the place, but on the other hand there are a lot of self declared experts that are just wasting your time. As it seems, it doesn’t matter if whatever you are saying is right or wrong as long as you are having the loudest voice. God, I was listening to some guys talking about the future of mobility and well, it was just not right what they have said. But I guess that’s the thing these days. People are just talking without actually knowing what they are saying.

Therefore, please, use this app only as what it is. A way of entertainment, not as the next level source of information. But you should figure this out on your own! Enjoy some awesome conversations with people from all around the world!

See you next time!

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