#603 Life Coaching – S1 E13 – Don’t let the negativity in

Life can not always be exactly as we have dreamed about it… There are moments when life has it’s own plans…

But letting life do whatever it wants, this doesn’t mean that it can effect us in any bad way. Sure, the outcome was not as expected, but come on! This is not the end of the world, is it? It seldomly is!

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We have a bad day or two? We do not find a job? We do not find the love of our life? We are not happy with our situation!

A lot of things might not take place exactly as we have thought it through at least a thousand times in our heads already. In fact, life is rarely exactly as we want it to be. But still, this doesn’t mean that life is against us! It might just be the exact opposite of that! Maybe there is a lesson for us to learn. Maybe our path is heading in a different direction.

It seems to be so easy to blame others for our misfortune. It’s the pandemic, the crisis, the company, the politicians! But it’s never us! Of course not! How can that be?

Life is challenging sometimes and challenges are a seldomly easy. But wouldn’t life otherwise be very dry and boring? Wouldn’t life be too predictable? Too easy to deal with?

It’s an interesting topic, that’s for sure! But today is not about life philosophy, even if that is the only thing that we are missing out on. The moment you gave up, everything else wins! Someone else will get your position, your partner, your car, your house. Someone else will write your book, found your company, do whatever you always wanted to do. And come on! Don’t tell me that you do not care! Of course you do!

But why don’t we let life do it’s thing and we do ours?

Why don’t we blend all the negativity out of our view and focus only on the next task at hand? Because that is selfish? Ignorant? Unfair?

Sometimes I wonder if being too positive is also a bad thing! Do we run towards the end of the cliff without even noticing? Are we in danger to fall? To lose everything we have been fighting for all those years? Look yourself into the eyes and try to be honest. Do you have a rather positive or rather negative mindset towards things? Are your batteries half full or half empty?

In life, we are constantly under pressure. We are constantly seeking for more! For the better future!

If that is right or wrong doesn’t need to be the point today, but let it me put this way. You can’t change the world around you, but you can change the impact it will have on you.

Staying positive isn’t a matter of how good life actually is, staying positive is a life style choice!

Therefore, ask yourself if you are ready! And if you are, let the magic happen!

See you next time!

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