With me doing this blog every single day, of course there are a lot of things that I could do better. There is stuff that I am doing wrong, or rather still doing wrong. There is stuff that should be better, much better. There is even stuff that is not really getting the attention it deserves, or needs, in order to have an actual impact on this world.

But having this blog was never a lifestyle decision. I am not doing this for the fame, the money, or whatever else that will come my way. I am doing this primarily for myself and the couple of people that are reading what I have to say. But nevertheless, even if I do not plan on become an influencer, this doesn’t mean that this blog can look like an amateur project.


In fact, the longer I am doing this, the better it is supposed to be. What? You are doing this for over 600 days already!? Well, why does is still suck? Ok, maybe it doesn’t suck! At least not all the time, but being exceptionally good is something else entirely. Sure, it is getting better day by day, the statistics are clearly indicating that! But still, there are a lot of improvements to be made.

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If there is one thing that is standing out from all the others, it’s the fact, that I am talking too much. The temptation is too high and I do not really have it under control, have I? Well, sometimes I drift away from writing short posts.

Wasting my time with this blog project is one thing, but wasting your time is a no go, of course! Right? Right! Therefore I really need to tackle this one in a more serious way!

What makes a blog world class? Exceptionally good writing skills combined with a great sense of humor and high quality content? I guess that is it! The secret formula towards success!

But do I have everything it takes? My writing is good, sure, but not exceptionally good. My humor is, let’s put it that way, ok. It could be better, of course, but I am ok with it so far! Hmm, and what do we do about the high quality content?! Well, that’s something I need to work on. Right! This is a daily blog! And true, time is limited. But that’s just an excuse for not being good enough. Even if I do not have much time to spend, I should spend it wisely! Therefore, why should you waste your time!? That doesn’t make any sense. But what is good content anyways?

Isn’t that a matter of perspective? Maybe you personally hate cars and therefore most of my content. Should I change it for you? No! But can I make some non car related stuff!? Of course! But that’s still not really solving the issue. How do we figure out what good content really is and what does it mean? Is good content stuff that gets the most attraction? Or that has the best impact on people? Can good content be bad content at the very same time?

Do I do a good job blogging? I guess the answer is yes and no. Yes, I am gaining traction, followers and improve every single day! But no, this blog has not yet the attention it really needs. Should I share more about me as a person? Should I dive deeper into the topics and explaining them even better?

It’s difficult to state out aloud what this blog needs. And sure, without any goals related to gaining traction, it’s pretty good the way it is! I guess with some small marketing tricks I can increase my reach. But why should I?

I need to do my own thing. I need to continue as I have done before! Because otherwise, I am just doing what all the others are doing. But that’s not me! I shouldn’t care about others that much! I should just follow my hearth and do what I love. Writing.

Sometimes, statistics are not everything. Sometimes we do something without any payment. Sometimes we do what we love and that is all we need!

See you next time!

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