#615 20 minutes writing challenge #46 – ON TINDER

Thinking out loud, Ed Sheeren

True love, that’s what we all want. That’s what we are all looking for in life.

But honestly, how does tinder and all those other dating apps fit into this modern world?

I never had tinder and I never thought that it would work. I never thought you can really find the love of your life. Until, well, until I got tinder a couple of days ago and figured out, that it is even more stupid than I have expected it to be.

But let’s go step by step. Dating apps have advantages, of course they have them. Especially in this lockdown situation these days. You get the feeling that you are not the only single out there. You think that you have a chance to meet the one. The right person on your side. And so you swipe. Left, right, whatever you want. And true, this might in fact just happen in this very moment. Somewhere out there some lucky singles find to each other. Just like that! With one finger movement.

Isn’t that awesome?! I mean, welcome to the 21st century! That’s what we all have been waiting for, right? How cool is that! You can just check out the market and rate people. Come on! It makes fun! Of course it does! And true, this is a lot of fun. But well, how likely is it to find the person you want?

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When it comes to dating, I might be a little bit old fashioned. I am single for nearly six years. I guess, I even forgot how to do it. Tinder, my last hope? My last chance? Well, it sounds funny, but where am I supposed to find the love of my life? On a dating app? Come on! That’s not romantic! No! Of course not! On a race track! In an online race? Outside?

The thing is, tinder is nothing for people like me. I have neither the time, nor the ambition to meet people whatever it costs. I do not need to get to know people, that will never live the life I want to live. That do not share the same ideas, thoughts and dreams.

At the end of the day I might be afraid. Afraid about finding the right one? Afraid about missing out of something in life? It’s a tricky thing. On the one hand, sure, it is time to find the one, but on the other hand, am I even ready for this? Isn’t a relationship just slowing me down? Preventing me from reaching my goals? I don’t know.

The worst thing about tinder? People do not present themselves as they really are. This is like instagram on drugs. And honestly, how are you supposed to find the right one under those conditions?

For me, tinder will not work. But I promised my mom to keep it for a while. So well, here I am. On tinder. Ready to find the love of my life.

I guess, I will keep you updated on that! But until then, stay save and do not get tinder! I really can not recommend it! It’s more frustrating than anything else! And sure, the algorithm is just messing with you. It shows you people you like, but they will never even see you. But well, at least I can say that I am trying?! Right? Well, not even that! One of my requirements was always to find the one that would never use tinder. I would never use tinder. But isn’t life about breaking with ones own ideologies? Isn’t life about walking new paths? I guess, we will see.

The worst that can happen? I need to marry my Porsche in a couple of years. But sure, I will not even have a problem with doing that! At least the car will accept me as I really am.

See you next time!

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