#617 Learning – S3 E3 – Creativity

Learning is an interesting thing. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of who we are.

Curious little creatures.

But how do we really think about learning? Do we even think about learning? Can we learn how to learn? When have we learned how to learn?

The more we think about the topic, the clearer it becomes. Learning, that’s just a part of life. But really focusing on it? Why should we? It’s just there, somehow. We spend so much time doing it, but still a lot of people do not even try to improve. We just have to learn! Sitting there and looking at the stuff over and over again!? Right? I mean, somehow it needs to find its way into our heads, right? But not like this! Not without a strategy that works. Not without a definite plan!

Have you ever analyzed the way you learn? Have you ever looked for extending your internal storage compartment?

The thing about learning is, that it needs to be a creative process. Not necessarily creative in the sense of being abstract modern art, but creative in the way the information gets stored in our heads. I might give you five random words you have to remember, but each time with another technique. Could you do it? Do you even know five different ways of learning stuff?

The thing about learning is, that people do not tend to have the time to really think about it. We just learn it. Not even thinking about what we are doing. We learn however we have learned to learn. Our environment teaches us how to do it. Your parents, your teachers, your friends. But have you ever wondered if your current technique is in fact the right thing for you? I guess not many people have!

Looking for the holy grail of learning? The best technique in the world? A long and difficult journey. The result? There is not just that one technique that does it all. It is rather a collection of techniques, a kind of a greatest hits compilation.

For each and everyone out there, there is the right technique for the right situation. You just have to find it. But how?

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

When it comes to learning something, there is one thing standing out of all the others. Its creativity. Whatever technique you use, if you figure out ways how to make awesome connections, you will never forget what you have just learned. You will create such a bond, the information becomes a new part of your life. But creativity is something we might do not have?

No! That’s not true. Sure, you might not be an artist. But creating connections in your head? That’s something everyone can do. And don’t forget, it makes a lot of fun. People tend to forget about it, but life is supposed to be fun. This is your life, your brain, your time. Enjoy the process! What are you waiting for?

When we do sport, we use our muscles and grow them stronger. With learning, it’s the very same thing. The more we learn, the more time we spend with trying to make connections. And the longer we do that, the better we become in making those connections. As simple as that.

You can literally learn how to learn. But you need to start! Now! What are you waiting for?

See you next time!

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