#626 TINY MIND – S1 E6 – CV GAPS

More frightening than a wild animal! The fear of the 21st century man!

(dramatical music)

A CV gap.

HR Agent: “What have you done between the 15.03. and the 01.05.?”
You: Panic rising inside your body. “He knows the answer already! Why is this dude even asking?” You take another second to consider your answer. “I CHILLED! BUT COME ON! EVERYBODY IS DOING IT!”, you burst out the truth.
HR Agent: “Chilled! Interesting, very interesting indeed! We can’t higher you! Please, leave the building! You are not the right one for us!”
You: “But …!”

Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

What sounds like a very bad script for a movie scene, is indeed the most fearful thing a young graduate student can imagine. Having a gap in your CV seems to be the end of your career! That’s it! Get your stuff, you can go back home! And so, we do everything in order to prevent this from happening. Ok, maybe not everything, but nearly everything.

Why does this fear exist and what does it tell us about ourselves?

Having a gap in your CV? So what?! Where is the big deal? But for us, it is in fact a big deal! Being not a student any longer, I am supposed to have a good job now, right? I am an engineer, come on! And really, nobody seems to care about the pandemic out there. If you would be good, someone will hire you on the spot, right? At least that is what we are thinking and so, we try everything in order do not have any kind of gap in our CV. We can’t just deal with the fact, that maybe just maybe it’s not about us, but about other things we can’t influence after all.

What do people in order to prevent such a gap from happening?

There are basically three ways how to do that! The first one is to continue studying, at least on paper, and pushing back the final submission of your thesis into the next semester. That way, you can chill the next half year without anybody noticing. But sure, the time spend at university increases and you do not earn any money. Another trick would be to sign into another program, pretending to start studying something else and decide “later on”, that this is nothing for you anyways. Would I do something like this? Actually, no, I would not! Therefore, I chose the third path. Starting to work, even though I might not earn a lot of money. That way, I do not have any gap in my CV and can actually increase my work experience!

But honestly, why do we even fear those gaps? What do they say about us, that we can’t deal with? It’s really difficult to find a good job these days, so what?! Back at school, we were always looking forward to the moment when school is finally over. But in University, we did the very same thing! The thing is of course, that the hustling will never stop! There is always something else coming up on the horizon!

I successfully prevented such a gap from happening, but honestly, why do we even make such a big deal about it? At the end of the day, nobody cares about it anyways! And sure, time is the most valuable thing in our lives! Why not just take the time for ourself, then, when we have a gap anyways?

See you next time!

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