#652 20 minutes writing challenge #49 – Weekend

WEEKEND, the end of the week! The best time of the week! The best days of the week!
WEEKEND, the end of the week? The best time of the week? The best days of the week?

Many of us are looking forward to the end of the week, the so called weekend. But what is the weekend anyways? Right! it is the time of the week, where we do not “need” to “go” to work. YAY! No work! Party! Party! Party! And sure, don’t get me wrong on that, I do not want to destroy your weekend happiness today! By all means, please, go ahead and enjoy your time! Sure, seems to be pretty difficult in those lockdown conditions anyways, but you will find a solution, I am sure about that!

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Nevertheless, I also want to state out these points today.

  1. We all need a break from work sometimes, especially after a very long time commitment for a project or a problem. But the way people are celebrating their weekend excitements these days, someone may wonder that they do not like their jobs anyways. And honestly, I do not even think that I am very wrong with that assumption. As it seems, people go to work in order to earn money and not in order to do what they love. I know, this must sound strange, coming from a person that has not yet found a proper job in this COVID-19 crisis and has just any kind of an engineering job these days. But still, I do not do it for the money and I guess, I will never be able to do it just for that. We spend so much time at work, why don’t we spend it with doing something we love?
  2. If you are one of those lucky people that do not need to work on weekends, this is the time of the week where you can be the most productive for your own projects. These are the days, where you do not need to hustle through the evening with your program, but can indeed just do your stuff in a more relaxed way. Spending 2 hours on the simulator during the week, quite a challenge next to all those other projects of mine. But on the weekend, I can do six hours easily.
  3. The weekend is the time of the week, where you shouldn’t have much appointments. I know, that must sound so boring and nerdy, but we have so much stress during the week, the weekend is the perfect time to recover and recharge our almost empty batteries.
  4. Everyday can feel like a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We just need to do the things differently. We need to get our mindset right and finally look at our life in a better way. We are always looking ahead and sure, yesterday we figured out how important that is. But while doing this day in, day out, we tend to forget about the present moment. Enjoy every single day of our lives! We never know when it will be over.
  5. Leave work on Fridays early. This is my personal life hack of the year. If I do that, a Friday feels like not that much work anyways and sure, we can recharge our batteries in order to empty them again on Saturday and Sunday morning while hustling through our weekend program.

Enjoy your life, sure, but do not forget to work on you as much as possible. There is nothing worse, than standing still and plateauing out. Enjoy your weekend!

See you next time!

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