#656 Learning – S3 E6 – Learn how to learn without pressure – part II

Not accepting your psychological state of mind is a big mistake. Sure, you can overwrite the switches and let life go on, but not for long my friend, not for long. Therefore we can say the following:

Rule 1: Accept the pressure.

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Rule 2: Learn how you learn.

Not knowing your favorite kind of ice cream, sure, that’s a no go! And the same goes for your name, birthday and the names of your parents. But interestingly, not many people know how they actually learn things. Sure, they know that their brain is somehow involved and that there are different ways of learning. But knowing what’s the best for oneself? Not many people know. Do you know? Can you tell? In case you can’t, there is no need to freak out about it. See it this way, now that you will figure it out, you can increase your learning capabilities by at least 50%. For all the others, well, a 50% increase is not possible for you guys, sorry, but you are already learning very effective.

Rule 3: Slow down things.

This world has become a very fast and rapidly changing environment. Standing still? Not really possible. But in order to get good results, you need to stop running in the wheel for a moment. Let the world do its thing and focus on yourself for a little while. Do not look at the whole picture that is laying in front of you, just pick the very task you are doing and analyze the situation.

Rule 4: Brake things down.

The panic rose in Susi’s pale and white face, the last week before her exam has already started.” What sounds like the panic one week before the exam is just what? Right! It’s just not braking down the tasks into tiny little pieces, but instead figuring out that there is just one week left and it is already too late to learn it all. Situations are never as we expect them to be. Sure, the exams are coming closer, but still, there is a lot of time, there is a lot of room for creativity, there is a lot to learn, but also a lot of things we do not see when basically freaking out about our personal situation.

Rule 5: Understand the ultimate reason for learning something.

How likely is it, that you will remember the following sequence of numbers until tomorrow? “901911964993996997991992” 50 percent? I guess I am right with that, but how would the situation change, if there is a time limit of lets say: 20 seconds? Tick, tack, tick, tack! The clock is already running. Pressure!!!!

The numbers are the same, the moment is the same, but the task feels to be completely different. In fact, the situation is the same, we just change the way we think about it. Before, it was just a task. But now, it seems to be an impossible task. The thing is, we just look at the big picture and experience a possibility to fail. But why? Isn’t that a very easy task? How much money do I need to pay you in order to make you learn this sequence? What would motivate you? The thing is, in life, it’s not just about knowing stuff, it’s about using what we learn. Knowing something but not being able to use the knowledge is like not knowing it after all. But the moment we understand the reason behind learning something, we just learn it out of curiosity.

Have you really learned the sequence? In case you have, congratulations! You are a Porsche expert now! You have learned the very basic knowledge of the 911 model series. It all started with the 901, which needed to be changed very quickly after. The new number was the 911, or Urmodell, than the 964 and the 993 which are all air-cooled six cylinder boxer engines. With the 996, Porsche switched to the water cooled engines and kept them ever since. After the 997, the 991 and currently the 992 followed.

I ask you again, how likely is it that you will remember this sequence of numbers after learning them in just 20 seconds now that you know what it means? Has the bar risen? 60%? Or fallen? 40%? I guess we all know the answer to that.

The secret is always to do not loose your head. Sure, sometimes there are coming some difficult tasks our way, but we shouldn’t freak out about it. What we need to do is braking down the tasks into tinier pieces, figuring out why we should learn it and then do it with the most fun we can possibly have.

See you next time!

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