The smell of fresh, wet turf tingled his nostrils. Slowly, he tried to make sense out of the situation. “The birds are singing. The air is cold and unforgettable alive. Where am I?” With his eyes still closed, he felt a sudden urge to move. As he tried, something seemed to interfere. Only under intense effort and the acceptance of a rustling plastic like noise, he could free himself a little bit, the harder he tried. Finally opening his eyes, he stared at a grayish looking blanket, hanging right above his face and starting to rise up into the sky. In fact, the whole surrounding area was covered in that very same and from the sunlight pretty much faded grayish something. “Where the hell am I?“, he asked himself in bewilderment, realizing why he couldn’t move his body so easily. Like a caterpillar ready to transform, he found himself neatly surrounded by a blueish sleeping back. “A sleeping bag? Where the fuck am I?“, he began to wonder, freeing himself not by fighting against his coffin, but redirecting his efforts in the direction of the zipper. Only seconds later, his upper body was free. Able to move again, he turned to the left, staring in an unexpectedly large space in front of him. “A tent!“, he finally understood. He must have woken up early in the morning somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere. As he tried to count the number of people staying with him in the tent, a sudden realization came to his mind. “I can see without wearing my glasses! A miracle!” He touched his face in bewilderment, noticing something else that seemed to be off. His cheeks were soft and smooth, the beard from yesterday, gone. Disappeared! But while rubbing his baby like skin, he noticed another thing that was definitely wrong, his hands, they felt too small. In shock he reached for his phone, finding only something that looked more like an antique telephone from a museum than anything else. “Where is my iPhone, God damn it? And what the hell is this?” He read, Sony Ericsson. “Sony what? I haven’t heard about that brand for a long, long time!“, he remembered vaguely, feeling beamed back into his youth. As he pushed onto one of the silly looking buttons, the little screen sprang into life. In small letters he could read, “the 5th of August 2009“. The realization hit him hard.

Photo by Bastian Riccardi on Pexels.com

Chapter I

He always had this dream, a sill dream, to be honest. But after his girlfriend had split up with him, in one of the most heart breaking ways he could ever imagine, there was nothing he could wish more for, than that this dream, however silly it might was, would become a reality. “The only thing I need is another try, another chance!“, he thought. What he had in mind, was something that wasn’t even possible. Traveling back in time was not a thing in the beginning of the 21st century. And even though he knew about his chances, this dream he repeatedly had, gave his hopeless sole something to hold on to. A dream, most strange and most exciting. But while being together with his ex, the story was quite different though. He would wake up in a familiar surrounding, he instantly recognized as the exact reproduction of the summer surfing camp of 2009. The tend, the sleeping back, everything felt so realistic. And while laying there on the hard ground early in the morning, his hot girlfriend experience felt like the dream and not the other way around. Back in the old days, he feared, that this time around she would decide otherwise, after she had split up with him, he wished to be back in the tent.

Chapter II

Am I dreaming?“, he still wondered, pinching himself into the forearm. “AUHHHA! That pain feels surprisingly real! But it can not be real! It just can’t! I need to wake up! Now! Think! Come on! Think!” Still feeling his forearm aching, he was looking for a solution. “I need to fall! I need to get ripped out of this silly dream once and for all. I need a kick!“, he remembered seeing the movie Inception. “Falling backwards into water, dying, there must be a solution, a way out, the way out!“. Moving his little arms around felt actually very awkward. “This is the strangest dream! A dream that repeatedly has shown up in the past, but never felt as real as today.

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