#664 Fascination Porsche – S1 E8 – No loss in value?

What’s better than a Porsche? A Porsche that doesn’t loose any money!

Being a late starter into the world of motorsport and automobiles in general, I have developed an interest for Porsches only eight years ago. Eight years in which not much happened, actually. Good for the people who already own their dream car, but bad for people like me.

Photo by Khalid Satvilker on Pexels.com

When it comes to Porsche’s, or cars in general, the car model and its condition are the two main things to focus on. If you just want to have a Porsche, fine, but if you want something special, well, you can make a lot of things wrong and ending up loosing a tone of money. Due to the reason that Porsche has done some serious changes in the last couple of years, even if they still look pretty much the same for the average non car guy, those changes have caused some serious issues. Some cars will fall in value, while others will not. Instead, some cars will even start to increase in value and keep that level until the end of their days. Sure, that’s not just because of those changes, but because of changes in general. We can see that very same effect with each and every product throughout the history.

A good example for that is the change of the engine concept in the “normal” 911 model series for the 991.2 or the 982 718 Boxster/ Cayman. The new engines are turbo charged and sure, true enthusiasts can no longer accept that. And so, even if the 911.1 Carrera or the 981 Cayman/ Boxster represented just the entry level of the Porsche world, everything that comes after is just not that interesting any longer. Sure, the new cars are faster and “better”, but we are talking about the emotional connection to those cars, right? And here, the newer models seem to struggle a bit. At the end of the day, a lot of people will not even notice the difference anyways, but the fear of having the wrong car is just omnipresent in the mind of all of us.

But not only that change in the engine concept is a thing to consider, also the OPF, as we call it in Germany. Without the need to get too deep into the details, you just need to know the following. Get a car without the OPF, because it will be louder and more “wanted” in the future. The Otto Particle Filter might be a good thing for the environment, but not a good thing for the sound fetishists.

If you don’t plan on driving trackdays with your car and have another one for the winter, rainy days and commute to work and stuff, you are in the position to really think about getting a special Porsche. If not, or if you just do not care, get whatever car you like most, that is somehow anywhere close to what you can afford. Generally speaking, the way people are looking at those cars these days is somehow strange anyways. I personally can understand the way the market is going, but for me, it’s just not really what this is all about.

Those cars are built to drive, to perform, to make fun. If you are not a car guy, have no passion for the “game” and don’t understand driving around without any reason for doing so, then you should really consider investing your money somewhere else. Owning a Porsche and especially maintaining it, isn’t cheap. If you don’t get it, you will have a hard time spending all that money in order to keep a clean car history.

How do we earn money in the game?

The concept is pretty easy explained. When a car is getting produced, the manufacturer wants a certain price for it. After that, normal cars fall in their value until the car has no value after all. For Porsches, that’s not always the case. The first thing the market needs is this: There are more people that want a Porsche compared to the amount of Porsches there are. Good, we can definitely see that! Next in line, there needs to be a need for a special model. We all know that, Porsches are expensive. Not everyone can buy their dream car when it is brand new, therefore, people need to wait. Sometimes even for years, until one day, the car is falling in the price range they can afford. The problem, if too many people want a limited amount of something, the prices do not fall. Why? Because seller will not give away a product for the cheapest, but for the most profitable price. And so, certain cars never actually fall. Instead, their value is even increasing. The funny thing about it? Once the demand for a car is starting to rise, not only the prices are going up, but also the demand for the car. The more valuable a car seems to be, the more want that car.

Ok, honestly, that was a bit too simplified, but I hope that it explains the concept. Of course there are other ways how to make money with those cars as well, for example with brand new ones that are not even produced, but that’s a story for another time!

See you next time!

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