#673 Meditation 4.0 – S4 E3 – LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT

The truth is, living in the present moment is such a strange concept. Of course we live in the present moment, otherwise, how could we do what we do? Our lives are not automated yet, of course we go through any moment in real time. The thousands of decisions we need to take, the tasks we have to do, how could we not live in the present moment? But this is of course not the interpretation you have in mind. Living in the present moment has become a symbol. A symbol for the alternative lifestyle. People would eventually learn to “breath” in the right way, to be more mindful and actually understand all about the things that are going on around them.

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But how? Through consuming drugs? Through doing boring things? There might be thousands of ways how to try to do it. But of course that was never the intention of the inventor, whoever it was. We should not just live in the present moment all the time. It’s not that you shouldn’t look into the future every now and again. But we, the people, it’s definitely right to say, we have lost the connection to ourself. We are going through life, running from one appointment to the other. Always looking for improvements, for success, for chances to make even more money. Is that a healty approach towards things? I am not so sure about it.

Living in the present moment doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stop doing what you do and get a new buddhist munk inspired personality. It’s not the end of the world, you know? We should just think a bit more about life and things in general. Up to this very point in your life you have been doing something. You went to school, you worked, you had some fun. But why have you done what you did? Why have you become the person you are today? What has lead you to this very point in life? Do not fear to ask yourself those questions. Do not fear the truth. In life, we can do whatever we want to do, but only, if we are telling ourself the truth.

I don’t think that you should change your life dramatically. But there are the little things you should change. Get your mindset right. Define some goals. Enjoy the process instead of dreaming in missery about a brighter future. Living in the present moment can also just mean to do something fun. Do something you haven’t done in a while. Life is not supposed to be hard, you know? Life is about living. Live!

See you next time!

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