#717 Project W (Double you) – S4 E7 – REFLECT

Reflecting. We have all heard about people telling us that this is supposed to be something good. Something we are missing out on in our private and business lives. And if we are honest with ourselves, how often do we really do it? How often do we sit there and claim to reflect on our doing?

Honestly, I have always underestimated the effects of a daily reflection session. I have started this on a regular basis when I was about a teenager, not understanding the effects it had on my life. And the effects are outstanding. Reflecting on ones own life is an essential part of life itself. Most of the time we are just lost in our ongoing thought process. We do what we have to do, sure, but do not even ask why, or if we are improving, or anything like that. We just live, day in day out.

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But this sounds like a lot of work. How do we do it properly? Do we need to write a diary? Or can we just think about it for a moment or two while being stuck in traffic? The answer to all of those questions is just that, we do not know. There can not be that one universal way of doing it. Depending on your personality, your lifestyle and your free time activities, this reflection process can look quite different. No, in fact, it needs to look different!

Start on a daily basis.

Fair enough, we seem to struggle with daily activities. It’s just so much work. It requires discipline, motivation and energy. I can understand your doubts. I can understand your mixed feelings. But believe me when I say, doing it daily is by far the better option. It’s faster, more efficient and more effective. You may remember today and you may have a clue about tomorrow, that’s all it takes. There is no need to remember the last weeks activities. Sure, you can also do it on a weekly basis, but at least for me this didn’t work out so well. I can hardly remember my weeks in order to do my weekly statistic, how am I supposed to remember my feelings, emotions, problems and all the other things we should think about?

If this takes your more than a minute, you are doing something wrong.

There is no need to go too deep into the details. Sure, you can always do that, but at least for the beginning, you can’t focus on more than one point you want to improve anyways. Just think about your day, that is all it is. What went good, what went wrong? With what have you struggled? And so on. And after that, well, you can already have a look into the future. What will tomorrow bring? What will you do? Where can you try to improve upon your todays problems?

Just do it, really, that is all I need to say.

See you next time!

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