#743 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E14 – Money as motivation?!

Money isn’t everything, but without money everything can become pretty boring.

Sometimes I feel bad for asking for more. Sometimes I catch myself drifting up in new territories I have never dreamed about before. One Porsche, two Porsche’s, three Porsche’s? One house, two houses, three houses?

Is it ok to use money as a driver for motivation? Is it ok to do something just because of the money?

Why do we go to work? What drives us? It’s the money, right? Not necessarily, but without the money, how many of us would keep doing their jobs? Imagine your boss calling you and telling you that you will not get paid any longer. Who would show up the very next morning in order to work and who wouldn’t? How many would work? 10%? 20%, 90% of the people? Let’s be realistic, the actual number might be something smaller right? Would you show up? Would you do your job no matter if you earn something or not?

Photo by Alexander Mils on Pexels.com

In theory, we can all give our statement regarding the topic of money. But in reality, we just need it anyways. There is hardly any life without money possible. Sure, we can try to say goodbye to our current society, but even with such a dramatic step, life will still be a struggle.

Do I go to work in order to earn money? Sure! But that’s not all! I also go to work in order to learn, to improve, to build car parts and see them on the road later on. This is a passion, a hobby, something I enjoy doing. Something I have done in the past without getting paid.

Money as motivation? God, it works! In my new job, I earn a lot more money than I have ever earned before. But the investment of time, energy and brain capacity is still the same. I just earn more money now. And hell yeah does that feel good! The Porsche? It’s really just a matter of time.

Does money make happy? Does money make our lives more attractive? Better? Today is not about that! Today, we will just use the money for gaining a bit more motivation. Do you have a statistic in which you can see exactly how much money you have earned and spend in the last three years? If you have not, well, maybe you should start such a thing! Why? Because it will help you to understand what money is really all about.

I use money as a way of motivation. Why? Because it works for me. Sure, there comes a point in everybody’s life, when money isn’t one of the main focuses any longer. But well, until that very day, money is indeed the thing I need. Porsche’s are bloody expensive these days, believe me.

In order to gain more motivation, everything is allowed! Therefore why don’t use money? But don’t get me wrong on that. Money isn’t everything! But today is not about money, today is about motivation. And it works! It really works!

See you next time!

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