A two-edged sword, indeed.

The COVID-19 pandemic in particular, but also the general progress in information technology in recent years have lead to the possibility of the so called “home office”. While some probably believe that the home office is an upcoming mega trend, others might be in the home office for years already. It is definitely not a new born thing, but sure, speaking about the old and rusty German industry in particular, home office is indeed something new. Something companies can not yet completely assess. And so, it is no wonder that they react how they react.

In this world, everything we can come across has established itself over time. God did not invent the forty hour work week! And so, it seems like we are accepting our faith. We go along with the rules and social norms and do never question the status quo. We work hours instead of projects. We work the 9 hours straight and not four hours in the morning and the other somewhere in the evening. We have thousands of meetings and hardly any time for actually doing something. But that is just how it is, right? I had once talked with a team leader of mine at work and got a clear answer. If I want a change in the way things are at work, then I should go somewhere else. Well, I did exactly that! But who tells us that it will be much different somewhere else?

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Getting along with home office is a difficult challenge for everyone, the employees as well as the employers. Trust, control, work ethics. There are thousands of words coming to mind. But those might be the most important ones. But the thing is, there is no right or wrong. There is not that one solution that fits it all. An so I hear both sides of the equation getting along with the problems and finding arguments for their position and opinion. But the point isn’t about who is right and who is not. The question is, how can home office actually work?

And honestly, it doesn’t work for everyone!

Depending on your job title and what you do “at work”, there will not be a home office solution for everyone. Just take a pilot, or a car mechanic and you know what I am talking about. Sure, those jobs can become home office jobs in the future, but not tomorrow! Other jobs and fields are much more suitable for a home office invasion and indeed, the last year has shown what is possible. But it’s not just a question about the “who”, it is also a question about the “how”? Do employees get equipment? Do they have the same ergonomic standard? Who pays for the energy consumed at home? Are people insured?

The topic of home office is nothing we can solve today. It will take years of experience in order to establish a new status quo. And the more open minded the company structure, the better and probably faster things will go. The future of working will change! Will it be home office? Maybe! But for the moment, it is important that all work on the same side. The mindset of us all needs to change. You do not work for a company. You are a part of the company. You are the company. Every decision you take, every word you say, this is all a part of what your company stands for. And so, people need to get along!

In my opinion, it is not a question about home office yes or no. It is rather a question about how we can make things “better”. And with better I do not mean just better for one side. The solution is somewhere in between. Maybe it is a hybrid working model, maybe it’s more project oriented? Honestly, I do not have the one solution that fits it all. I am working in 100% home office these days. Those it work? Sure! But I am not the average kind of a person. As you can see with this daily blog of mine I am doing for over two years already, I have no problem with keeping up my spirit, motivation and enthusiasm for what I do. I actually work! Well, in fact, I am much more productive than in the actually office. But that’s something companies do not want to see. They do not see the positive side of the situation, but think about the others. The ones that will not work as much as in an environment, like for example at work, where someone will control whatever they are doing.

Home office is the best thing possible for people like me, but definitely not for everyone!

Lets see what the future will bring us! Until then, I will enjoy my days at home!

See you next time!

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