Can you name them?

Weaknesses are not tolerated in our modern society. Sure, we say “that we are not perfect” and that “everyone makes mistakes“. But we do not really mean it. Instead, we pretend and play our most perfect role.

In the past, weaknesses where heavily linked to insecurity, fragility and the like. Talking publicly about your weaknesses could have a huge impact on your life, privately as well as business wise. But why should this be different in today’s standard? Weaknesses stay weaknesses! Basta! And indeed, weaknesses stay weaknesses! Some of us might expect a more open minded society in 2021, but I do not think that we have made any progress on that.

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Instead, we have changed our focus.

Was the neighbors greener garden the end of our imaginational horizon, social media has showed us a world beyond our little town. The internet was a game changer in all industries, true, but not all of it is great! I see this trend of a more open society in which struggling in life is widely accepted. But still, we should be careful about sharing our weaknesses, because they make us vulnerable.

Everyone has weaknesses!

But not everyone accepts that. Until a certain point, there is always the option to pretend. We maneuver life around our weaknesses and distract everyone with our strength. We even learn this kind of behavior from an early stage onwards. At school mistakes are something bad. Weaknesses are getting punished, in sport, in relationships, basically everywhere. And so we have learned to look away. To stay silent and move on.

I don’t say that you should tell everyone about all of your weaknesses, no, that’s not the point! But at least you need to know all of them yourself. Can you make a list? Bring them down on a piece of paper? At least I needed to learn this the hard way. I wasn’t ready to accept me being weak. I didn’t want to believe it! Me?! No! That must be a mistake! Am I not perfect? My world seemed to fall apart. But yes, it is the truth!

I have weaknesses!

One of them is my writing weakness. Wait!? What!? Yes, you have heard right! I have a writing disability. But well, it doesn’t stop me, does it? Sure, without the auto correction I would be lost, but besides that, I have turned this weakness into a strength. I have become a writer, a blogger and guess what, my weakness grew smaller and smaller. I am not saying that it’s gone, because it will never be. But I have managed to live with it. And so, you can do as well!

Know your weaknesses! Deal with your weaknesses! Start doing the right things in order to compensate your weaknesses with strength.

See you next time!

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