Yes, you have heard right! I was on a concert.

Being on a concert alone, is for me quite an achievement. In fact, I just don’t do these things. Socializing, visiting fancy places, sitting somewhere in nature at a lake, river or wherever people meet. But this isn’t todays topic!

I was on a concert in covid-19 times.

That this virus has changed our life, at least temporarily, is a fact. Last year must have been a mess for an average human being. Concerts, events, everything was canceled. Going to an event with thousand of other people? Sure, you can already do that. But Germany is a bit more careful with that.

The event took place on the 11th of August in a very cool location near Würzburg. The main act? Glasperlenspiel. The amount of people? Around 800 I guess. But how is that even possible?

How was the event organized?

The idea was very good. You couldn’t buy any tickets. If you wanted to go there, you needed to win them on the radio. Just send them a message when a song from those artists was played and the first one wins a table.

Up to 8 people for a table.

You go there with your mask, tested, vaccinated or done with virus already and they show you your table. At the table you could remove your mask. Drinks, food, you could get whatever you wanted on site. The only rule, you do not talk with other people from other tables when getting your food or drinks. You get your stuff and go back to your table. Any questions left?

The music started and everyone stayed at their table.

In Germany you can do such a thing. People are following the rules! And so, we were very lucky to have a table up front. I mean you can see it in the picture, how far is that? 10 meters?

Glasperlenspiel at the event in Würzburg

If you ask me, this type of event was way better than everything I have ever experienced before the pandemic. There were a lot of people, sure. But due to the reason that everyone had their table location, it felt like a very small event.

Was the concert a good idea? Yes, I think so! Was it well organized! Of course it was! Is it already ok to do such events? I am not so sure about that! But life moves on, right? I would like to see more concerts like these in the future, because such events are something for me.

See you next time!

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