I did it, what a surprise…

Old jokes never die! Ok, maybe I should back up a little and actually allow myself to be proud, just for a second or two. No honestly, it’s really not that hard! You just write every single day and this 800 days in a row. Really, where is the challenge?

The topic of your project is not important. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about as long as you do it every single day. Because the daily struggling is in fact the thing we should aim for. It is the challenge that separates the weak from the strong.

Do you have what it takes?

Can you endure? Can you fight back the urge to stop? Can you prevent yourself from panicking? Are you the one in control? Do you take the responsibility for your decisions?

In life there is one tool more important than everything else. And this is you!

People ask me why I continue this miserable little blog that has hardly any attention. Well, what they don’t see is what is going on on the inside. What is happening with me during the process. People these days want to have this comfortable life. They want to enjoy, to relax, to do what they want. But that’s just boring, isn’t it? Where is the challenge? Where is the need to learn something new.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

I guess I just have a different understanding about what life really is. I do not have the need to feel socially accepted. I do not experience a pressure to impress others, or anything like that. In fact, I just do not want to stand out from the masses telling them how good I am. They will notice it, sooner or later, by themselves.

Life is too short for wasting it. We all know that. But still, so many of us follow the wrong mindset. They think that they have to do certain things in life, just because everyone else is doing that as well. But in reality, you do not even have to do anything.

I am way off topic here, but it’s important to say. It’s not about your writing that matters, it’s about you! You matter! This life gives you a chance to do whatever you want. But why don’t you do what you want? Why don’t you change your life forever?

Writing a blog will not make you become famous, rich, or anything else you have in mind, but it will help you and your personality to grow. It allows you to understand. Not the whole system as it really is, but little parts of it. Pieces that you can add to each other and get a brighter picture about the things that are going on in and around your head.

Do what you want. Reach your goals. Never say never! Live your life.

We all know about those sentences, but we don’t actually follow them. It’s time for you to change that! Now or tomorrow!

See you next time!

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