Well, you can’t get the joke, but it’s quite funny actually. It isn’t Sunday right now! Sure, for you it is. But for me, it’s only Thursday evening. Which means, still one day left at work before my two weeks off! Yehhaaa! God, I deserve it!? Or at least that is what I am telling myself all the time.

It will be my first vacation in the new job and actually I really need it! The last three month were pretty exciting, sure, but also quite exhausting. Working ten hours a day is one thing, but with the need to learn basically everything from scratch, it’s quite a challenge. I do not have anything against a good challenge of course, but it’s quite hard to think about anything else besides working.

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My Sunday thoughts? What will they be about? The formula one race in Monza? The girlfriend I do not have? The things I forgot to mention at work? I guess it will take a while for me to switch off completely. Letting the world turn without me? I still need to learn that!

I could already start working on the book. I could do the blog. How will the weather even be like? 23 degrees and sun, what a SUNday. Funny? Not really! But in reality I am. Or at least that is what I think. I always laugh. I always make up absurd things. Life is just better with a smile on your face, don’t you agree?

I laugh all the time! Even when things are going down the hill. I guess that is just me. As long as I can laugh, life can not be that hard and difficult!

But enough about me! What about you? What will you do today? Probably not reading through this already way too long post of mine. Come on! You have better things to do! Go outside! Get some fresh air! Do something that you love!

My faked Sunday thoughts? Life is good!

See you next time!

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