Pressure, where are you?

It’s so interesting to observe, but in the last two years I have experienced so much pressure in this project. I had this need to deliver. I was afraid about not being able to write good stuff. Well, since my blog statistic went down in the last couple of months, I feel suddenly so much better.

For the first time in the last two years, I can just write freely without the need a need to care about what others think about it. Why should I? Nobody is reading this anyways. Writing mistakes? Well, I don’t care and with no readers nobody else cares.

But it’s not just the pressure that has disappeared, it’s also the time that I have gained. My writing got so fast and efficient, I need half the time, sometimes even less. And so, instead of the need to spend hours without end, I can do these posts in-between my other activities whenever I feel like it. And so, I have suddenly a lot more time to focus on my book project, which has reached a very good level already.

Sure, I am of course not yet satisfied with my writing quality, but I get better and that is everything that matters.

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

For years I tried to show you the way. For years I thought that people would understand and start there own thing as well. But people are not who I thought they are. People have dreams, sure, but they do not seem to have what it takes. Committing to goals and dreams in life? Not many people can do that. And so, I guess I just need to stop trying and focus even more on myself. Creating the blog that I would want to read.

Blogging these days, what an awesome hobby of mine. I sit there and blast out these thoughts in just a couple of minutes of time. I reflect on my doing. I make sure that I am staying on point, walking into the right direction. This blog is great for me, and today I understand that this is everything that matters.

As long as I am satisfied with what I do, life is good. We do not have to please others. We do not have to do what others expect from us. We are supposed to live our lives doing what we love.

Thank you for not reading! You make my life so much better!

See you next time!

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