We all know the struggle, right? Oh, wait! What!? I am the only one missing work!?

Companies must love hearing about employees like me. But it’s not the company I work for that has made me this way. No, it’s something else. It’s my passion for what I love. Cars.

The mindset is still the most important tool in our toolbox.

Work can become this overwhelming thing that attacks us daily. We get exhausted, we get stressed, we get close to jumping off the burning ship. The holidays are supposed to be our time off. Time to recover, they say. Relax, enjoy life, you know the deal. But what sounds like heaven is not supposed to be heaven after all.

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I just never got it! People go through life suffering like hell, just to have a couple of weeks off wasting their time on a small island somewhere out there on the other side of the world? And what is even worse, they really sit there claiming to enjoy this life. What!?

I honestly felt bad leaving the project I was working for. Now they have to struggle without me.

But what people do not understand is that in fact, I do not even need a time off from what I do. Why? Because I love what I do. Sure, but more importantly, because I stay within my pace.

I tend to do a lot. But that doesn’t mean that I am overdoing it all the time. No, I know my pace and work accordingly. But what’s the big deal about that? What are we doing wrong? The thing is this, life can become pretty messy sometimes. Things just do not work out as planned. Life has its own plans. And so we need to adapt, constantly. Staying within your pace doesn’t mean to stop working once you feel exhausted. Staying in balance with your pace means to recover during whatever you do.

It’s not that I work like a maniac 24/7. But I try to improve, to get more efficient and use my time in a more sensible way. I just love what I do all day long and therefore can continue to do it forever. I do not overpace!

Do I really miss work? Yes, I do. But thank god I have other projects in life as well. Therefore I could work on my book and learned a lot about flying airplanes. Do I look forward to work again? Actually, yes I do.

It’s a mindset thing, trust me!

See you next time!

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