We don’t want to stand out, I understand, but what are our alternatives?

Swimming against the stream? Not exactly what we have in mind, but what else can we do? Giving up on our dreams? Secretly trying to fight the mainstream? Let me tell you this, life is not as it seems. There are always more alternatives.

Being different starts in our mind, sure, but it’s what we do all day long that defines who we will become. Are you ready to stand out? To break with the general concept of life? When I have started to change, it felt wrong. Why is it me who has to do things differently? Why can’t I simply do what all those other people are doing as well? Pretending to enjoy the boredom of an average life.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

For me, it wasn’t that hard. Why? Because I was just pretending to enjoy all of these things anyways. Traveling, seeing the world, going to parties and social events, clubs, city trips, all of that is just nothing for me. I do not enjoy these things, or to put it in a different way, I just don’t get it. Why are people doing this to themselves?

I was always different but tried to be normal. I have tried to adapt, to learn, to change. But in the end I couldn’t, I didn’t want to have this life. I wanted something else! I wanted to live my own life! Do what I love and do not care about others.

But that is easier said than done. In reality, we can’t change life from one day to the other. We do not have what it takes. We are not ready! And so, I chose a different way. Instead of swimming against the stream directly, I started to change my direction slightly. And the first steps were not even in the direction against the stream after all. I need to step back from things, to get ready for the change. After a while things change automatically. You stop caring so much about others. Your priorities changes.

Am I different, yes. But do I life the high risk life? No! Of course not!

If we look at life, it seems as if we would have only three alternatives. Being for something, against something, or being neutral as the Swiss. But there are way more alternatives, there have to be! Just have look at this current climate discussion in Germany. You have people that want the complete change whatever it costs, you have people that are against all of that and then the people that just do not say what they think. Do we have to decide? Chose one of those sides?

If you would ask me, the answer is no, of course not!

Being different is allowed! And if you start slowly, the people will not even notice. Sure, one day they will understand. But it’s not our job to care about the opinion of others. Figure out what you want from life and then get it. It sounds so easy and actually it is. Never ever in history were we so free to decide upon our life and future. Being different is hard, but it is worth the effort!

See you next time!

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