Is dating even a thing?

I guess we can call my experience with tinder an involuntary long time trial and with that said, you already know how “good” it’s working for me. Yap, it’s definitely not looking great and I have already started to wonder if that is because of me. Oh wait, it is because of me!

The thing I don’t have? Awesome pictures.

On a dating platform like tinder we have to sell ourselves, not our souls, but our chocolate side. From the spectacular sunsets of foreign places, to our latest ascent up a beautiful looking mountain. From your latest dinner party with friends to this really cute little puppy you are holding in your hands. Yes, if you want success then this is the way to go!

Well and here is the thing. I just don’t particularly enjoy showing off with what I have. I mean, with what should I show off anyways? That I work like a mad man 24/7? That I have very ambitious goals? That I don’t have any time to waste with doing nonsense like parting?

Well, they are not looking for a guy like me and I can clearly see the point! I wouldn’t want someone like me as well!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

And so the conclusion might just be that tinder isn’t something for me anyways. That the kind of person I am looking for is not giving me a single chance by looking at my not existing travel pictures from around the world. Well, I can live with that, or I have to, but that’s not even the thing. The problem is this, dating apps give you the feeling of understanding the market and that’s when things are getting out of hand.

Am I worth anything? Does anybody out there likes me?

It may look like the circle of the devil and indeed it’s exactly that. No matter where you are standing on the tinder side of life, we all suffer from the results. Either you are one of the people like me, the ones that hardly get any matches and if they really do, well, it was an accident of course, or you are one of the people that have thousands of matches every single day, but in the end, the people you actually want to have a date with look at your instagram pictures a bit closer and decide not to answer you anyways.

It feels good when somebody likes us, but it hurts even more when somebody we like just doesn’t like us.

Can you find the love of your life online? Of course you can! But it will be pure luck at the end of the day. So, will I continue my long time trial? Well, I will! Because honestly, I get motivation out of not getting any likes. Sounds strange? Well, it’s all just in your head!

One more thing before you go! SWIPE RIGHT if you see me!

See you next time!

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