Alle Jahre wieder” is a very famous Christmas Song here in Germany. Alle Jahre wieder, that means every year it is happening again.

Alle = all, Jahre = years, wieder = again

And with the first snow fall at the beginning of this week I realized in shock that Christmas is already knocking at the door. The time of the year when we calm down a little bit and spend the time with our families. But we all know what Christmas actually is. There is no need for further explanations. While for some this is the time of the year to work less, for me, as the tradition demands, it will just be the opposite. You are right of course, the Christmas special needs to be prepared. Well, nobody asked for it of course, but I have long stopped to care about that.

Yes, the story will continue!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Having started the story in my first year of blogging in 2019, the story continued last year and of course needs get continued this year. The interesting fact about it? My writing evolved quite a lot over the time and so you can really see the progress I have made. Well, it doesn’t really matters how I put, after having read through the whole story yesterday evening I realized that the old posts need to get a little bit updated. I have to make the experience worth reading and that I will do!

Why? Because you probably want to read the whole story, or at least one of you.

And therefore I will reupload the Part I from 2019 tomorrow on the 5th of December. Part II from 2020 on the 12th of December and the new Part III of 2021 in the Christmas week and the days before that.

Are you already as excited as I am? Well, now the pressure is on me!

See you next time!

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