It’s a part of our life and most certainly comes in handy sometimes. Staying in contact with old friends from the past, the coworkers from our last company or the regular acquaintances we pick up over time. We can stalk our neighbors kids, the idiot we always hated at school or even the teachers we once had. What great platforms we have! I love it!

But reality doesn’t look like this, does it? It’s not about us and what we are doing. It’s a way bigger picture today. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. It’s about what exactly? Right! Making money!

I am the last person that thinks that making money is a bad idea! Really, the business model behind social media is genius! But there comes also a dark side with it, not many people talk about. It’s what social media causes within us that can become so dangerous.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Not everything that glitters is gold, sure! But we tend to forget about reality sometimes. We see all those pictures and impressions and think what? That we need this as well? That our life isn’t like that? That we have to change? To a certain extent, this all can be quite motivational! Of course it does that. But it can also lead to the total opposite!

Some couple of years ago, traveling somewhere far away was a big thing. One out of how many did it? Today, you are the exception if you haven’t. Sharing our world with the world. What a great idea! I do it myself, here on the blog. Sure, it’s not the same and I don’t share everything. But still, to a certain extent I am a part of it. I have joined the band.

That social media is mostly fake isn’t a secret any longer. But still so many people seem to do not really understand. It’s not important what others think about you! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. But it’s like a drug, right? We are getting addicted to the likes and comments we receive.

Just think about the attention! “Oh my God, so many people are looking at my story! This is freaking fantastic!”

I can’t change the way social media is and it’s not my job to do it. But please, don’t forget the person behind the accounts. And I am not just saying that to make a poor life more attractive, I say this because too many comments out there just simply hurt. Be nice to each other. Show respect!

At the end of the day only the people that care care.

See you next time!

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