#916² MY 2021 – A SHORT REPORT

Is 2021 really already over? What!? Wait! No! The year has only started! Come on! You can’t be serious.

Time is flying. The older we get, the faster it feels like. One day blends perfectly into the other. But it’s true! I have checked! The year is already over! But what a year it was. 2020 was already awesome, but compared to 2021? Well, 2021 was even better!

It had all started with quite an intensive time from January until the end of February. I needed to finish the master thesis and hell was that exhausting. I worked 65 hours a week in average on the thesis. But it was worth the effort. I got the best grade possible! 💪🥳

And of course on the first day of February I got my early birthday present and picked up my brand new Audi A3 40 TFSI e leasing car! I still love it so much! One of the best cars out there in the market these days.

Finishing my master at home in pajamas at the end of February was quite something new, but I was never the celebration guy anyways. After that I had two weeks to recover and I really needed those.

Having troubles finding a suitable job in the midst of the Covid-19 situation around the globe, I had the possibility to work at the company I was doing my master thesis at. I worked there for three month and had the chance to focus on process engineering, which was a new field for me. The best thing about that time? For the first time in years I could go home and was done with all my “work” tasks. No homework, no university projects, no exams, no nothing. Honestly, this felt awesome! I could focus on my blog, book, the racing project and sport.

Photo by Vladislav Murashko on Pexels.com

It didn’t took long to find a job, sure, but I was impressed how difficult it was. I don’t want to overestimate myself, but if people with a CV like I have don’t find a job, how are others supposed to find one? But anyways. A new job in a new company is always something exciting, isn’t it? I have started in the midst of June and was at the companies facility in Ingolstadt for three weeks before going into the home office. Well, I got promoted rather quickly and found myself in two new projects only two months later. There was/ is still a lot to learn. And with a lot, I mean basically everything. It’s not that I don’t like a situation like this, in fact, I love it. But it is quite exhausting! And so, I was working 10 hours a day for months until my Christmas holidays started on the 11.12.2021.

Four weeks off, four weeks I again really needed. As you may now, I was getting a sick in the midst of November and hardly recovered from that. Of course I kept up with the pace at work, maybe not the best decision I have ever taken in life… Two weeks ago, with the start of my holidays, my body finally gave in and I was laying sick in bed ever since. I am feeling much better these days, thank God. But what the hell was that! I never had an issue like that before.

And so I have to say good bye to 2021. What a year! Here are the top 3 high and low lights.


  1. Finding a job.
  2. Getting my Audi.
  3. Working in the home office and living the most perfect life at home.


  1. Being so sick in the last weeks.
  2. My knee injury in April.
  3. My other leg injury in August.
“When one chapter ends, another one begins.”

And so I am looking forward to 2022.

See you next time!

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