When it comes to the things I do not like about this car, this is of course highly subjective. But what really strikes me here is the fact that the most of my complaints are not even about the car itself, meaning the hardware, but more about the software around the customer experience.


The phone APP

Let’s start with the worst and make our way from there. Due to the reason that apps are getting developed over time these days, nobody really has, of course they test these applications with real customers and make them better over time. The app has improved in the last year quite a lot! Which is a good thing! But in the early month of using the car last year, it was a nightmare. It didn’t work properly. It wasn’t reliable. It was useless actually. Today it’s better! It works more reliable! But compared to the possibilities Audi has, I am a bit disappointed! For me, it neither offers all the information I need, nor does it show me the things I am also interested in.

Software issues

Yes, it’s not just the app. That cars get software updates in the 21st century quit regular is just a common thing! I mean, why not! If it makes the car better, safer and or more reliable. But if you notice some software issues while using the car, or trying to use the car than this is just not acceptable. I have already talked about the huge software issue I had in the early month of owning the car, but recently, besides the second update, the car doesn’t allow me to use my own account to connect with the car. Can you believe it? I have to drive my own car as a guest.

Noises from the corroded brakes

That brakes suffer from corrosion during the winter months is a common thing. Especially if they are standing outside quite a lot. But due to the reason that you do not necessarily need to use the brakes for braking and I prefer the more environmental friendly driving style with the recuperation option, the brakes will soon start to make some noises. Sure, you can brake them free if the car doesn’t do it itself over time. But every time you get into the car you will hear the brakes making noises which is just not very suitable for a one year old +40k car. It’s a concept disadvantage, of course! But maybe there is a different solution for that?

The lack of a clever energy distribution system

Hybrid cars are all about the environment! Or at least that is what the OEM’s are trying to sell to us! And so, once you get a hybrid car, you actually want to make the best out of it. Why is there no clever energy distribution system? I am disappointed. Sure, if you get the navigation package for a couple of thousand euros the energy distribution system get’s a bit better, but that’s not what people buy! You use your phone for navigation of course! Wake up Audi! And so, the hybrid mode might use, depending on the parameters, the energy in some kind of a way. But really clever is something else. If you do not know what you do, the electric energy get’s wasted in situations you don’t need it and once you could use it, your battery is already empty. I just do not understand why there is no function in the app or car which allows you to optimize your daily route to work or just any drive. It would make the world a better place, make more fun and educate people in being more aware about the environment. But how could I forget!? It’s all about making money and not about the environment!

See you next time!

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